How To Use Link Building For Great SEO Results

With the​ numerous drag and drop web site builders available,​ almost anyone with internet access can create a​ website without too much difficulty. the​ real challenge,​ is​ how to​ get a​ website listed in​ the​ search engines,​ so that people actually find it​ when they are searching for information and products online. One way to​ increase your search engine visibility is​ with link building.

One important aspect of​ optimizing a​ website is​ the​ number of​ incoming links to​ your site. There are a​ variety of​ ways you​ can get incoming links to​ your site,​ even if​ you​ are having difficulty finding other website owners who are willing to​ link into your website.

One method of​ link building is​ to​ submit your website URL to​ the​ many free or​ paid web directories. Web sites like Dmoz are designed to​ allow people to​ submit their website into appropriate categories based on​ the​ content of​ the​ website.

Another method is​ to​ write articles on​ your website subject matter,​ and create an​ author resource box at​ the​ end of​ your article that includes a​ link back to​ your website. Then spend a​ couple hours submitting your articles to​ as​ many of​ the​ free article directories that you​ can find- each place you​ submit the​ article will count as​ an​ incoming link to​ your site,​ and you​ never know if​ another website owner will reprint your article on​ their own site- thus increasing the​ number of​ inbound links over time.

Another way you​ can increase your inbound links is​ to​ visit blogs,​ and just start visiting blogs of​ people who write about things related to​ your website. on​ blogs that welcome comments,​ you​ can comment on​ the​ blog posting and leave a​ signature that includes a​ link to​ your own site. Many blogs now use nofollow attributes on​ links,​ though,​ so any links from those blogs would not help you.

Increasing the​ number of​ links to​ your website is​ a​ good strategy for improving the​ search engine optimization of​ your website. Many of​ the​ methods of​ link building are free and only take you​ some time and elbow grease to​ implement them and the​ results are well worth the​ effort.

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