How To Use The Internet To Find What You Need Fast

How To Use The Internet To Find What You Need Fast

It is​ much easier to​ travel from one place to​ another if​ you​ have a​ map. the​ Internet is​ so big that you​ are missing out on​ many of​ it​ if​ you​ rely just on​ Yahoo or​ Google.

These are some of​ the​ shortcuts to​ find the​ Information you​ need. This way you​ find what you​ need faster and​ easier.

Google Search Engine

Google is​ the​ best search engine, that means it​ provides the​ most up to​ date information. Make your first search on​ Google. to​ get better results do not use the​ quotation marks. They are useless.

If you​ are not satisfied with the​ Google results, you​ can then use the​ Yahoo Search Box, which gives different results. you​ can also search information inside blogs instead of​ websites. Such service worth visiting is​ to​ search information inside blogs.

Digital Products
Looking for​ digital products? is​ a​ huge marketplace, with different types of​ digital products. Products like ebooks, videos, software, online courses and​ advertising just to​ mention a​ few. Using
clickbank to​ purchase digital products is​ not only secure but very easy.

Clickbank is​ a​ trusted source, where you​ can search amongst the​ hundreds of​ products for​ instant download.

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is​ a​ place where people ask questions. it​ is​ very useful to​ get quick answers about any category. Any one across the​ globe can participate both in​ asking and​ answering.

Google Answers is​ a​ bit different, and​ if​ you​ really want an​ answer from an​ expert you​ should test Google Answers. Contrary to​ Yahoo Answers, this is​ not a​ free service. you​ pay a​ specific amount of​ cash depending on​ your question. Every one can ask, but only experts from the​ Google team will answer your question.


Forums are a​ great place to​ get advice on​ almost anything. Forums give people the​ ability to​ ask their questions, get tips on​ new products and​ find out what others think about certain products. you​ can find forums on​ any category by typing in​ the​ Google search box computer forum, or​ soccer forum depending on​ your interest.


Buying a​ new product? you​ can now get feedback on​ a​ certain brand, company, software or​ any product. Same like forums, but a​ bit different are Groups.

Google groups, Yahoo groups and​ Myspace groups are the​ best. They have the​ highest number of​ users. Joining a​ group is​ free, and​ you​ can ask questions, reply and​ join
discussions about any topic. There exist groups related to​ cars, computers, software, business, games cheats, video renting, home improvement. Unlike Yahoo Answers, in​ a

Group you​ can join a​ discussion not just ask or​ answer questions.


There are free online dictionaries you​ can make use of​ anytime. These are very accurate and​ contain Thesaurus and​ other features. Most popular is​


These are not much useful. the​ only directory that is​ worth using is​ the​ Dmoz Directory. it​ consists of​ thousands of​ sites, under categories and​ sub categories. That is​ the​ Internet biggest directory. Each website is​ checked by a​ real human to​ make sure it​ is​ up to​ date.

Other directories make use of​ software to​ determine the​ quality of​ the​ sites. That is​ less useful that the​ method used in​ the​ Dmoz Directory.

Article Directories

Article directories are sites that contain only articles. Some of​ them targeted to​ a​ specific category. you​ may find article directories that contain only sport related articles, business articles and​ so on. General directories contain articles on​ almost anything. if​ you​ are looking for​ articles, it's better to​ search for​ article directories and​ then search for​ articles within the​ directory.

Newsletters and​ Ecourses

You can find these useful too. These are also known as​ online magazines. First you​ choose a​ newsletter that interest you, then you​ optin to​ receive the​ news or​ information. the​ information is​ sent to​ you​ via email, and​ you​ can optout anytime. Ecourses are more or​ less very similar
to newsletter.

Search for​ your favorite newsletter in​ Google. for​ example type in​ golf newsletter and​ simple follow the​ instructions on​ the​ site to​ optin. Some newsletters send out their emails once every week, month or​ bi weekly. Ecourses usually cover a​ certain topic in​ a​ series of​ messages, for​ example golf tricks or​ tips for​ removing adware or​ spyware. Usually ecourses send their emails every day and​ take no longer than 7 days each.

Social Bookmarking sites

Social Bookmarking sites are becoming more popular especially if​ you​ are looking for​ stories and​ news. First find a​ popular social bookmarking site using Google, and​ then search within the​ social site.

Finding images

Yahoo images section on​ the​ Yahoo home page give the​ best results. Google images show less results when you​ compare them. I suggest you​ use Yahoo images if​ you​ are searching for​ images.


Youtube is​ by now popular more or​ less by everyone that uses the​ Internet. you​ need to​ watch videos? Check website. Google Videos and​ Yahoo Videos both offer a​ free service like Youtube, so you​ can watch, share and​ find videos on​ the​ Internet.

Knowing how to​ find what you​ want is​ important as​ much as​ the​ information you​ need. Rely on​ these shortcuts to​ enjoy the​ Internet much more than before.

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