How To Train Your Dog

How To Train Your Dog

Dog is​ man’s best friend. I truly believe that. I love my dog. a​ well- trained dog can be a​ great companion for anyone from small children to​ adults. Specially trained dogs can do some amazing things. Dogs are even trained to​ do almost human tasks like calling 911 when there is​ an​ emergency.

In this article I am going to​ tell you​ a​ few things about training your dog that will make him or​ her even more valuable to​ everyone in​ your family. I would like to​ share some things that I have learned with you​ about training your dog.

There are some important basics you​ need to​ learn to​ successfully train your dog before we start. Obedience commands are important for laying a​ foundation in​ communicating between you​ and your dog,​ it​ creates a​ common language that you​ and your dog understand.

To Many new dog owners never really establish this kind of​ communication,​ and end up struggling with a​ disobedient dog as​ a​ result. There are many styles of​ training for your dog,​ but I want to​ stick to​ the​ basics and not get things to​ complicated for you.

The training I want to​ tell you​ about is​ the​ leash and collar technique,​ it's widely used and is​ very effective if​ done correctly. the​ leash and collar can be used in​ varying degrees of​ force from mild to​ harsh,​ but not cruel,​ and should never be used to​ nag your dog with ineffective correction.

Generally the​ leash is​ used as​ the​ main form of​ control to​ help you​ teach your dog each new behavior. Once it​ displays that it​ knows a​ command the​ leash will be used to​ correct the​ dogs behavior.

I always use basic commands when I have train my dogs and it​ has worked well for me. if​ you​ don't know any basic commands here are just a​ few easy ones that most dog owners know;

Heel- (to walk on​ a​ loose leash)





Release – (To release an​ object from its mouth)

One thing you​ need to​ know is,​ the​ leash and collar is​ just one of​ the​ many tools to​ help you​ train your dog. Leash training can never replace leader/follower relationship between the​ owner and the​ dog. Leash training will increase the​ bond between you​ and your dog,​ but can never replace trust that can only come from you​ and how you​ treat your dog.

Positive reinforcement training can also help you​ train your dog to​ learn these basic commands. Encouraging them with petting and positive,​ cheerful words much like you​ do with a​ baby who catches a​ ball. you​ can even applaud. Giving your dog treats is​ also effective when training your dog to​ performs certain tasks.

There are,​ as​ I said before,​ many ways to​ train your dog. I hope this article will encourage you​ to​ do a​ little more research on​ the​ topic so you​ can train your dog to​ be the​ best he or​ she can be.

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