How To Take Care Of Your Home Tanning Bed

How To Take Care Of Your Home Tanning Bed

We all wanted to​ have our tanning beds to​ last as​ long as​ possible. This is​ why some people buy tanning beds that are touted to​ be durable. But tanning beds do last long if​ the​ owners take good care of​ them.

Here are some ways to​ take good care of​ your tanning bed.

After each session, you need to​ do two things, “inspect” and​ “clean”. You need to​ inspect the​ click strip and​ make sure that it​ is​ attached firmly. and​ you need to​ inspect the​ facial glass (if your tanning bed has it) and​ make sure that it​ has no cracks or​ any other “blemishes”. Then, you need to​ clean. You must clean the​ bench and​ canopy acrylics. Use only the​ right cleaning liquid, not alcohol nor bleach. and​ use only soft non-abrasive cloth. You must also clean the​ tanning bed pillow. Do not use the​ outdoor or​ oil-based tanning lotions. These will damage the​ acrylic. and​ lastly, you must clean and​ sanitize the​ goggles. This is​ also for​ your own safety.

Everyday, you do the​ same thing to​ your tanning bed, even if​ you are not using them, and​ especially if​ there are many users of​ the​ bed. That is, you must inspect and​ clean. You must inspect the​ acrylics for​ cracks, wear, or​ hazing. Then, you clean the​ pillow, the​ bench, and​ the​ canopy acrylics. You must also clean and​ sanitize goggles and​ the​ bed exterior. Again, use only the​ approved cleaning solution.

Once a​ week, aside from inspecting and​ cleaning, you must do more things to​ make sure that your tanning bed is​ in​ top condition. You must dust the​ lamps. But do not touch them with your bare hands. Then you must remove and​ clean the​ inside of​ the​ bench and​ canopy acrylic sheets. You must wipe and​ vacuum the​ fans, the​ vents, and​ the​ vent hoses. Check if​ the​ shock tension needs to​ be adjusted. if​ it​ does, then adjust it. Check the​ set bolts if​ these are still tight. and​ check the​ power cord and​ the​ bench-to-canopy connectors if​ these are also snug with no wear and​ tear.

And monthly, you clean again the​ bench and​ canopy acrylics. You also need to​ clean the​ reflectors using the​ appropriate cleaning solution. Inspect the​ vent hoses for​ optimum ventilation and​ do the​ necessary adjustments if​ needed. for​ sufficient ventilation, make sure that the​ bed is​ at​ least six inches away from the​ wall. and​ lastly, check the​ voltage being supplied to​ the​ bed. it​ should conform with the​ ones stated in​ the​ manufacturer’s guidelines. if​ you need to​ replace a​ lamp, choose replacements that meet the​ frequency recommendations.

When you do all these things with your tanning bed, then you are assured that the​ quality of​ your tanning bed will last longer.

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