How To Switch From Low To High Spirits

How To Switch From Low To High Spirits

Do you still feel tired even after eight hours of​ sleep? Does fatigue continue to​ haunt you after a​ brief rest? Do you feel like an​ engine deprived of​ oil that can make it​ run smoothly and effortlessly?

This feeling occurs too often. it​ is​ something that can happen to​ anybody, including you.

Experts explain this as​ something that has to​ do with behavior patterns that we unconsciously develop. There are times in​ life that we develop a​ behavior pattern, which we are not aware of​ until we fall into its bottomless pit. This negative behavior pattern has the tendency to​ pull down our spirits. it​ works very similar to​ the law of​ gravity - exerting a​ force that pulls down everything.

The good news is, you can do something about it​ and elevate your sagging spirits. The change need not be abrupt. The wrong behavior patterns that you have learned can be unlearned by adopting new and correct patterns of​ behavior.

This is​ where the challenge lies. Deeply ingrained behaviors are difficult to​ change, for people always seek the easy route or​ the comfort of​ the status quo. it​ may not be easy, but it​ can be done. Consider this perspective: Always remember that if​ you do not do the right behavior, you fuel the habit of​ doing the wrong behavior.

For example, you hardly have any exercise. The mere thought of​ going to​ the gym or​ taking a​ walk makes you wince. You snuggle under bedcovers, thinking you can do it​ tomorrow. You spend the day watching television munching unhealthy food. at​ the end of​ the day, you feel awful for having no self-discipline. You promise to​ exercise the following day. When the next day comes, the cycle stays the same.

Think of​ it​ this way: when you miss a​ workout, it’s not like you just stay at​ the same level you’re at. You actually take a​ few steps back. Every time you miss a​ workout, you have done something to​ strengthen the habit of​ not working out. The more workouts you miss, the stronger the negative behavior grows.

How do you change behavior patterns painlessly? You can start small by allotting fifteen to​ twenty minutes of​ your television time for exercise time. Try this for about two weeks. When your body is​ used to​ this new schedule, you may gradually increase your exercise time to​ half an​ hour. This automatically reduces your television time by a​ total of​ thirty minutes.

Say you spend most of​ the time sitting by the window thinking of​ fears, anxiety, apprehension, and all sorts of​ mumbo jumbo thoughts entering your mind. Replace this unproductive habit with a​ productive behavior. You might want to​ pick up a​ book and read it, or​ take your pet dog for a​ walk (this gives you the exercise you need at​ the same time). You can also spend idle time in​ socializing occasionally, doing occasional volunteer work, or​ just have plain fun with family or​ friends.

So you see, there are ways of​ changing behavior patterns. The technique is​ to​ do it​ gradually. Start small with just a​ few minutes a​ day for a​ week or​ two, increase the time for the weeks, and so on. You will see an​ amazing transformation in​ terms of​ mental, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment after a​ couple of​ weeks. The brooding feeling will be lifted and you will feel energized with the new pattern of​ behavior.

Again, it​ should be emphasized that for the new behavior patterns to​ take root, any improvement must be done gradually, giving it​ time to​ sink into your life for you to​ enjoy its long-term benefits.

Attempting to​ hasten behavioral change by doing it​ in​ large doses or​ in​ one gulp might not produce promising effects for improvement. Instead, it​ might lead to​ pain and frustration that might not give the same motivation to​ continue with the change process.

A gradual improvement with long-term effects is​ definitely worth your time and wait.

How To Switch From Low To High Spirits

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