How To Survive Menopause

How To Survive Menopause

Ever heard of​ hot flushes and​ mood swings? These are among the​ common symptoms of​ this medical condition commonly associated with women called menopause.

Menopause is​ actually a​ process which results to​ the​ stoppage of​ a​ woman’s monthly period. Menopause, which is​ characterized by hormonal changes, begins between the​ ages of​ 40 and​ 50.

A woman who is​ undergoing the​ process of​ menopause experiences lots of​ hormonal changes which are manifested through various symptoms like hot flushes, irritability, erratic menstrual cycle and​ other symptoms. Women who are in​ the​ process of​ getting menopause may also experience insomnia, loss of​ sexual urge, forgetfulness, headaches, osteoporosis and​ even gain in​ weight.

The whole cycle of​ menopause merely prepares a​ woman for​ that time when she stops ovulating because her ovaries have stopped producing eggs for​ the​ process of​ ovulation. During this process, a​ woman’s estrogen decreases while her progesterone is​ produced in​ minimal levels. the​ lack of​ progesterone results to​ a​ thinner uterus lining and​ a​ stoppage of​ the​ monthly menstrual cycle.

The symptoms of​ menopause can be quite unnerving for​ women particularly the​ changing moods and​ the​ hot flushes. However, there are ways to​ lessen the​ impact of​ these symptoms like estrogen replacement therapy for​ hot flushes. Most women however decline its use due to​ the​ risk of​ cyclical bleeding and​ getting cancer.

Menopause is​ not really something new because it​ naturally occurs in​ a​ woman’s life. However, menopause is​ not experienced by women alone because there is​ also male menopause called andropause

Women who refuse to​ use synthetic hormone replacement can take other options depending on the​ specific symptoms they are experiencing. What is​ important is​ they live a​ healthy lifestyle by eating the​ right kind of​ food, getting regular exercise, and​ refraining from bad habits like smoking and​ drinking.

There are menopausal women who opt for​ alternative or​ herbal medicines. However, it​ is​ safe to​ consult their doctors first before using these herbal medicines to​ make sure these are not harmful to​ them.

Most of​ the​ women who dread menopause are usually women who lack the​ basic information of​ what menopause is. Menopause is​ part of​ a​ woman‘s reproductive make up and​ no one can avoid it. Being in​ this stage does not mean they can no longer live the​ way they used to​ do. There are just changes that women have to​ live with and​ confront. Instead of​ dreading that day when menopause sets in, women should get to​ know more about menopause, its symptoms and​ how they can live healthier and​ more active lives after menopause.

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