How To Survive Being Overwhelmed

How To Survive Being Overwhelmed

1) Know Your Purpose.

Know your vision, your goals, and​ your plans because these help you set priorities. Each day, identify the​ task you must accomplish and​ make that your top priority. Also, set aside time to​ invest in​ your future, working on important things that you will need later. if​ you have yet to​ write out your priorities, then take time to​ do this. it​ could be the​ most important hour that you spend in​ your life.

2) Say No.

Be fiercely protective of​ your time. Make sure each new commitment adds value for​ you. Do what is​ necessary and​ then stop. Rather than ask yourself "What can I do?" ask "What can I not do?" Avoid low value tasks, new projects, and​ distractions. Then tell people about your decisions. Huge amounts of​ effort are wasted by people trying to​ complete tasks that someone else decided to​ ignore.

3) Schedule Life.

Even if​ you ride an​ accelerating treadmill you can step off once in​ a​ while. Leave work at​ 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Take Saturday or​ Sunday off. Give yourself a​ two minute break when you close your eyes, rub your neck, or​ meditate. Set a​ date with family members for​ a​ meal or​ an​ activity (hint: put this date on your calendar as​ if​ it​ were an​ important business appointment, because it​ is).

4) Protect Yourself.

When you’re tired, your efficiency falters. Thus, eat healthy foods. Get enough sleep. Avoid toxic habits. Exercise (use the​ stairs, do crunches or​ push ups in​ your office, take a​ five minute yoga break). if​ possible, schedule exercise as​ if​ it​ were a​ business appointment.

5) Be Efficient.

Spend time only with people who add value to​ your life. Buy only from companies that provide adequate support. Hold effective meetings. Decline invitations to​ meetings without an​ agenda (I guarantee these will accomplish nothing). Avoid conflicts; they always cost time to​ repair. Keep your cool; anger always costs you more than what it​ achieves. Take a​ moment to​ plan before starting a​ task.

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