How To Survive Amsterdam Without Going Broke

How To Survive Amsterdam Without Going Broke

Amsterdam and​ especially Amsterdam hotels may not be known for​ affordability, but that doesn’t mean it​ isn’t possible to​ travel the​ country on a​ budget. the​ experienced thrifty traveler knows how to​ visit even the​ most expensive countries for​ less – you just have to​ follow the​ insider secrets.

Luckily, globetrotters follow some pretty simple rules for​ saving money, so you don’t have to​ be an​ expert to​ travel for​ less. Anyone can do it!

The first thing you need to​ know is​ how to​ get around town. Fortunately, because Amsterdam is​ a​ compact area with beauty everywhere to​ be seen, getting from place to​ place isn’t as​ difficult as​ you might expect – it​ can actually be quite fun! Compared to​ everything else in​ the​ city, transportation is​ relatively inexpensive, especially if​ you know what to​ do.

Traveling the​ city for​ cheap begins right when you arrive in​ Amsterdam. Visit the​ VVV office across from Centraal Station right away. Most people in​ Amsterdam speak English very well, so you don’t have to​ worry about communication problems. if​ you speak to​ the​ staff here, they will assist you in​ finding the​ cheapest and​ quickest route to​ your destination.

Whenever you can, forget about paying for​ transportation and​ walk. This is​ not only free (the best deal you can get) but the​ best way to​ take in​ the​ city. Again, because Amsterdam is​ small and​ easy to​ travel, follow the​ locals and​ walk as​ much as​ possible. This is​ also a​ lot of​ fun. You can use the​ free map from the​ VVV to​ find your way – just watch out for​ the​ many cyclists traveling through the​ streets.

In fact, that’s yet another way to​ get around Amsterdam, just as​ the​ locals do. if​ you really want to​ have some fun, use a​ bicycle for​ your local travels. the​ city is​ made for​ cycling, but you have to​ keep in​ mind this doesn’t necessarily mean cycling around the​ city is​ a​ piece of​ cake. Cyclists move along at​ high speeds and​ follow special traffic signals, so having a​ good amount of​ previous experience on a​ bike will be helpful.

For traveling longer distances, the​ tram system is​ an​ economical and​ efficient way to​ travel from point a​ to​ point B. You can purchase tickets in​ Stationsplein at​ the​ small office beside the​ VVV or​ from bus and​ tram conductors. You’ll need to​ get a​ dagkaart, strippenkaart, or​ sterabonnement depending on how long you’ll be staying in​ Amsterdam.

Another option: take the​ bus. Local and​ regional buses can take you where you want to​ go, and​ there is​ even a​ night-bus system that can help you get around during the​ wee hours between midnight and​ 4 a.m., when other transportation is​ unavailable.

The railway or​ metro is​ another good possibility. to​ get from Schiphol airport to​ Centraal Station, the​ railway is​ the​ most direct connection, while the​ metro can take you to​ the​ outlying districts.

The ferry system also takes pedestrians and​ cyclists across to​ Amsterdam Noord for​ free.

For lodging, be sure to​ book your room in​ advance as​ this will no doubt save you a​ ton of​ cash.

A person has to​ eat

In Amsterdam, you’re going to​ need to​ eat at​ some point in​ time. It’s possible to​ enjoy some fantastic grub on a​ budget if​ you know where to​ look.

Bars and​ coffee shops also sell food, which usually costs much less than meals in​ a​ restaurant. a​ variety of​ delicious sandwiches are available in​ these establishments for​ a​ very low price.

Amsterdam is​ famous for​ its pancake houses - they are the​ perfect place to​ grab a​ quick bite to​ eat for​ a​ good price. But don’t expect American style pancakes – the​ Dutch version, called pannekoeken, is​ made with many different ingredients, and​ can provide a​ very satisfying meal to​ hungry travelers.

Another tip: vegetarian and​ whole food restaurants offer moderately priced food and​ a​ healthy dining experience. if​ you’re not into vegetarian, check out the​ Leidseplein district – here you can find Greek, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and​ Indonesian food in​ addition to​ the​ traditional Dutch delicacies. in​ this area prices are competitively priced.

While you’re on the​ move, grab some frites (which are just French fries). This snack is​ cheap and​ tasty, and​ is​ served in​ a​ paper cone with mayonnaise instead of​ ketchup. Or, if​ you don’t mind the​ taste of​ herring, grab a​ herring on a​ bun (haring broodje) almost anywhere in​ the​ city for​ a​ decent price.

Or, buy your entire meal from a​ vending machine - in​ Amsterdam, vending machine meals are sold for​ low prices! for​ dessert, try a​ stroopwafel. You can find this in​ supermarkets and​ fresh from street vendors. It’s simply a​ thin cookie resembling a​ waffle, filled with yummy caramel.

Finally, avoid the​ eateries directly in​ tourist areas. Stray off the​ beaten path just a​ little and​ you’ll find much more affordable food that tastes delicious. Another tip: dine at​ one restaurant a​ day, and​ purchase the​ rest of​ your food from markets and​ grocery stores. This will pare down your food budget considerably and​ it’s a​ great way to​ cut down on vacation costs.

Amsterdam doesn’t have to​ be expensive, so what are you waiting for? Start planning your next vacation to​ this wonderful city and​ you’ll be enjoying a​ vacation without paying through the​ nose.

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