How To Start A Vending Machine Business

How To Start A Vending Machine Business

How To Start a​ Vending Machine Business
If you’ve been considering your business options,​ vending machines are certainly worth putting on​ the​ list .​
There are some nice profits to​ be made.
Vending machines can be owned or​ rented by a​ store owner or​ by an​ entrepreneur that distributes the​ vending machines among store locations .​
Once you obtain the​ vending machines you want,​ you need to​ find locations for them and keep them stocked with merchandise.
If you own your machines,​ the​ profits you make are usually shared between you and the​ business that is​ housing the​ machine .​
The main types of​ machines include candy,​ pop,​ and snack vending machines; but there are other types too such as​ postal service machines or​ lotto machines.
As a​ vending machine operator,​ you will need to​ convince other businesses to​ allow you to​ place your machine in​ their outlet .​
Of course the​ higher the​ percentage of​ the​ profits they make the​ more enticed they will be to​ have your machines .​
You will have to​ get used to​ the​ word No,​ and not worry about it​ though.
When approaching a​ business where you would like to​ place your vending machines,​ make sure you are talking to​ one of​ the​ decision-making people .​
a​ common mistake is​ speaking to​ an​ employee rather than the​ owner or​ a​ manager that is​ in​ charge .​
Be ready to​ have 90% of​ the​ businesses you approach tell you no,​ but remember that leaves 10% that will tell you yes.
That means if​ you approach 100 businesses in​ a​ day,​ 90 will say no and 10 will say yes and that 10 has the​ potential of​ earning you a​ substantial income .​
So don’t worry about the​ 90% .​
Instead focus on​ the​ 10%.
Once you get the​ yes,​ you need to​ focus on​ determining the​ best location for the​ machine so that you optimize your revenue .​
Entrances and exits are always great spots .​
So are restrooms,​ lunch rooms,​ near the​ coffee maker,​ and next to​ other vending machines .​
You might also consider near a​ cash register,​ ATM,​ or​ in​ a​ waiting room .​
You need locations where people stop or​ gather and where they might potentially be looking for a​ snack.
Bulk candy machines,​ and toy or​ gumball machines do well when they are placed where there are kids,​ and where those kids are standing still waiting for their parents .​
That’s why you’ll often find them in​ the​ front of​ a​ restaurant.
These machines are mechanical .​
The money is​ placed in​ the​ slot and in​ return a​ ball,​ gumball,​ jewelry cap,​ or​ a​ handful of​ candy are released .​
The profit margin on​ these machines is​ very good .​
Your cost per item runs from ½ cent to​ 5 cents depending on​ your supplier,​ and your machines charge from 25 cents to​ 50 cents .​
The machines themselves are also a​ lot cheaper then soda type machines .​
However to​ make a​ full time living on​ these machines you will need to​ have many in​ place.
The soda and snack vending machines are definitely capable of​ providing a​ full time income .​
The advantage to​ these types of​ machines is​ the​ demand for the​ product .​
Combine that with good strategic locations and you’re in​ business .​
In fact many companies will actually contact you looking for the​ placement of​ a​ vending machine,​ especially in​ lunch rooms and places where the​ public might gather.
And once you’ve got your machine in​ their business they are unlikely to​ ask you to​ remove it​ unless you are providing very poor service to​ the​ company .​
After all they aren’t interested in​ dealing with repairs and stocking of​ these machines; they just want the​ convenience.
There are also specialty machines that you might consider such as​ those found in​ restrooms that sell hygiene products,​ condoms,​ medicine,​ and other toiletries .​
These machines do well in​ airports,​ bus stations,​ and truck stops.
Vending machines make a​ great business .​
There is​ plenty of​ opportunity and you require no special skills other than it’s helpful to​ be a​ little mechanical .​
So why not give it​ some consideration?

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