How To Start A Restaurant Business

How To Start A Restaurant Business

First of​ all you will need to​ think about the​ type of​ restaurant you want to​ open. Primarily,​ restaurants are grouped into three categories: quick service or​ fast food,​ midscale where you will get a​ good meal for a​ good price,​ and upscale with plenty of​ charm and fancy cuisine. This will also be dependant upon the​ type of​ food you want to​ serve,​ and the​ type of​ customers frequent the​ area.

One idea is​ to​ open an​ ethnic restaurant such as,​ Italian,​ Mexican,​ French,​ etc.. You can open an​ ethnic restaurant in​ any of​ the​ three categories,​ but before you choose take a​ look at​ the​ demographics of​ your area. You may want to​ take a​ demographic survey so you can get information on:

• the​ ages of​ the​ customers that will eat at​ your restaurant business.
• What types of​ ethnic groups live in​ the​ surrounding area.
• the​ occupations and income levels near your restaurant business.
• How many people will be interested in​ the​ type of​ food you will be serving.
• What are the​ needs,​ in​ terms of​ services or​ products,​ of​ the​ people in​ your area? Will you get enough business in​ the​ area you are planning to​ put your restaurant business?

A competitive analysis will show you what other restaurant business are in​ the​ area and what type of​ competition they will give you. You can do this by going to​ the​ restaurants as​ a​ customer,​ and checking out the​ menu to​ see how much they charge for their food and drink. This will help you decide how much to​ charge for your fare. to​ start your competitive survey,​ you should check the​ phone book and yellow pages in​ that area that have a​ restaurant business in​ the​ same category as​ yours.

The type and size of​ your restaurant business will determine the​ amount or​ size of​ the​ following:

• What you will need in​ the​ line of​ equipment.
• How many pieces of​ dishware,​ glassware,​ flatware,​ linens and napkins,​ you will need.
• Cooler,​ freezer,​ and storage size.
• How large your building will need to​ be.
• How many employees you should hire.
• How much parking you will need.
• What you will need in​ the​ line of​ advertising.

What will you call your restaurant business? the​ choice of​ a​ name should be one that reflects what you sell and will help you sell your goods. You will want all of​ your customers to​ be able to​ pronounce and spell the​ name to​ look it​ up in​ the​ phone book,​ or​ when writing a​ check. the​ name should be more creative than the​ competition,​ and represents the​ type of​ menu you are offering.

Make sure you are not stepping on​ someone else,​ check to​ see if​ the​ name you have chosen has been registered to​ someone else under a​ trademark. if​ it​ isn’t,​ make sure that you register the​ name with your county clerk. You should also check with the​ federal government to​ see that there are no trademarks registered through them with the​ name you have chosen. You can be sued for using an​ already registered name.

How To Start A Restaurant Business

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