How To Start A Cleaning Business With No Money

How To Start A Cleaning Business With No Money

One of​ the​ biggest mistakes that many people make when they decide to​ go into business is​ they spend way too much money up front,​ and then when the​ bills arrive and the​ business isn't making enough money yet,​ their ventures ultimately fail. One way to​ get around this problem is​ by starting a​ business that you can start with little or​ no up-front capital.

There are a​ number of​ businesses that this can be done with,​ and many books and magazines dedicate space to​ talking about them. Headlines like "100 Low Cost Startups" are common in​ business how-to magazines. in​ this article we​ are going to​ discuss one of​ these low-cost startups: the​ cleaning business.

There are several keys to​ starting a​ cleaning business with no money. the​ first and most important point is​ that you should NOT,​ under any circumstances spend money until you absolutely have to. it​ may sound strange,​ but it's an​ obvious point that people miss. They think (wrongly),​ "I'm going into business,​ so I need a​ new computer,​ a​ new desk,​ some office supplies,​ files,​ cleaning supplies,​ a​ dedicated phone line...",​ and the​ list goes on. This is​ not just wrong thinking,​ its bad thinking. It's thinking that will cause your business to​ go broke before it​ even gets off the​ ground. Do some businesses require a​ big upfront investment? Sure they do. But a​ cleaning business is​ NOT one of​ them!

The second key to​ starting a​ cleaning business with nothing is​ being sure to​ start the​ right type of​ business to​ fit your goals,​ and your budget (or lack thereof). For example,​ you wouldn't want to​ start a​ business that requires a​ lot of​ expensive equipment like a​ floor-care service. it​ would be difficult if​ not impossible to​ start a​ floor-care service with no budget. However,​ it​ is​ possible to​ start an​ office cleaning business or​ a​ home cleaning service with no money. the​ supplies you need are much less,​ and it's possible that you already have many of​ them.

The third key is​ to​ utilize free methods and resources to​ get your first customer(s). For example,​ if​ you are starting a​ home-based cleaning business you might go door to​ door in​ a​ neighborhood you'd like to​ clean in. This costs you nothing but your time,​ and will allow you to​ not only get your name out there,​ but to​ make contact with your prospects and better gauge their needs.

The fourth and final key is​ to​ use what you have in​ terms of​ supplies and business resources. This means that you should look around you,​ and see what can be used in​ your own house to​ help you start your business. Do you have a​ fax machine? Great. You have a​ tool at​ your disposal. Do you have a​ phone? Perfect. Hopefully you get the​ point here. Just utilize what resources you have,​ and if​ need be,​ get creative. Find ways to​ save money.

Many people over-complicate and under-plan for their businesses and as​ a​ result they completely miss the​ four key points mentioned here that are necessary to​ start a​ cleaning business on​ little or​ no budget. it​ might seem over-simplified,​ but it's really not. if​ you apply the​ four ideas mentioned here to​ their fullest,​ you will be able to​ get started cleaning with very little... and if​ you're smart,​ probably nothing. Think through each ahead of​ time,​ and plan how you will tackle each key point. By doing so you'll have set yourself up to​ start a​ business for next to​ nothing.

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