How To Start A Business In The Book Production

How To Start A Business In The Book Production

How to​ start a​ business in​ the​ book production
The book printing and production is​ a​ business which can offer you many satisfactions and its complexity offers you a​ special beauty .​
If we​ want to​ elaborate an​ investment plan in​ view of​ acquiring the​ equipments necessary for this,​ we​ must create a​ market study which largely comprises: the​ publishing houses with their market share,​ the​ types of​ books included in​ a​ majority in​ their portfolio and secondly,​ the​ competitive printing houses with their market share and with the​ advantages and disadvantages of​ each .​
As in​ any company from printing field,​ the​ first thing to​ acquire would be a​ computer to​ plate system to​ facilitate the​ work of​ the​ people from pre-press department.

After the​ computer to​ plate system,​ the​ list should comprise a​ printing machine in​ 4 groups with the​ printing format correlated with the​ number of​ editions and with the​ number of​ issued the​ respective publishing houses edit per week .​
The printing equipment must necessarily have a​ perfector to​ ensure an​ increased productivity .​
Then,​ the​ following absolutely necessary equipment is​ a​ folding machine for the​ book interior .​
It is​ good to​ look for a​ folding machine which must have a​ cross and parallel folding to​ be able to​ fold posters inserted in​ the​ book .​
We must not neglect the​ part of​ book finishing .​
Here it​ is​ well to​ know which is​ the​ book segment that we​ want to​ reach .​
For the​ processing of​ the​ book interior from the​ segment of​ collection books or​ high value books we​ can equip our printing house with a​ machine for sewing ,​ book back gluing equipment,​ book block nipping and smashing press,​ book forming machine,​ equipment for stamping the​ covers with metallic foil .​
For the​ processing of​ the​ book interior for the​ usual books,​ we​ especially need a​ book forming gluing and jacketing machine .​

For the​ book jacket,​ it​ would be useful,​ for covering the​ great market majority,​ to​ buy a​ bending machine,​ a​ laminating machine and eventually a​ serigraphic equipment with a​ small UV dryer in​ order to​ be able to​ make a​ selective UV varnishing at​ the​ cover .​
Would be absolutely necessary a​ guillotine for cutting the​ sheets,​ with maximum format correlated with the​ printing machine format .​
a​ three-knifes trimmer would also be absolutely necessary for give the​ final format of​ the​ book.
For the​ magazines that the​ publishing houses issue for advertising the​ most recent news,​ a​ line of​ eyeleting would also be necessary,​ and for the​ smaller dimensioning of​ the​ printing house,​ only one eyeletter with one or​ two eyeleting head would be necessary .​
For the​ book production,​ the​ market also has complete book lines which comprise: the​ printing machine,​ the​ folding machine,​ the​ binding machine,​ and machine for book jacketing ,​ the​ cover lamination equipment,​ the​ three-knifes trimmer or​ any other combinations from the​ equipments mentioned until now.
There are extremely many types of​ equipment necessary,​ there is​ a​ great amount of​ work in​ order to​ accomplish a​ book,​ but the​ satisfaction when you see it​ on​ the​ shelf is​ huge.

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