How To Spot A Great Pit Bull Breeder 7 Signs Of A Good Dog Breeder

How To Spot A Great Pit Bull Breeder 7 Signs Of A Good Dog Breeder

If you’re searching for a​ Pit Bull terrier puppy but are unsure about where to​ look for one,​ this is​ an​ important article for you​ to​ read. Many people are afraid to​ ask questions when they speak with breeders and this is​ the​ first hurdle that you​ need to​ get over. it​ is​ vital for you​ to​ ask questions when you​ are speaking with different breeders. Below is​ a​ list that I’ve created of​ some very important things you​ should look for and ask of​ the​ Pit Bull terrier breeders you’re considering doing business with.

1. Does the​ breeder breed several different types of​ dogs? This can often be a​ red flag and you​ should try to​ stick with breeders who only work with American Pit Bull Terriers.

2. a​ responsible Pit Bull breeder will be able to​ tell you​ the​ negative characteristics and health issues of​ his breeding line and also what he has done over the​ years to​ improve that aspect of​ his dogs.

3. Can the​ breeder thoroughly explain to​ you​ how he selects dogs for breeding and what characteristics they will most likely throw?

4. How often does the​ breeder have litters of​ puppies? Breeders who have many,​ many litters each year may not be a​ good choice.

5. is​ the​ breeder involved with Pit Bulls on​ a​ larger scale than just breeding them?.

6. Does the​ breeder keep in​ touch with those who have purchased puppies from him? Breeders who sell pups and then have no idea where they end up should be avoided.

7. Where does the​ breeder keep his puppies at​ before they are sold? Are they well socialized?

There are many other things that you​ could ask the​ Pit Bull breeders that you​ speak with,​ however the​ above list will give you​ an​ excellent start and greatly improve the​ chances that you’ll end up with an​ excellent Pit Bull terrier puppy.

How To Spot A Great Pit Bull Breeder 7 Signs Of A Good Dog Breeder

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