How To Speak German Basics Reviewed

German is​ one of​ the most popular professional languages in​ the world. it​ has also set a​ record of​ the third most learned languages across the world. While you may now ask How to​ Speak German, the answer is​ simple. Go for some online courses generally these courses offer you audio and video lessons which can be proved very-very helpful to​ you. These courses are of​ two types paid courses and free courses you can choose any of​ them according to​ your budget.

The very first step to​ learn and speak any language is​ that you should get acquainted to​ the sound of​ the language. Know how it​ is​ pronounced exactly and how it​ is​ written, what is​ the real accent. And if​ you want to​ take keen interest in​ speaking German try to​ enjoy everything that you do to​ learn this language. Buy a​ German pocket phrasebook start reading words and their meaning.

Getting your self an​ audio course is​ an​ excellent way to​ familiarize your self with the spoken language. Let these words saved in​ your mind. Learn as​ many words as​ you can. Practice, practice and more practice your German speaking skills. Go to​ some places where German is​ spoken like malls, restaurant, beaches, go for some shopping bargain with the shopkeeper if​ bargaining is​ not your style or​ your habit just do it​ to​ learn to​ speak German.

Try to​ make more and more friends who are aware that you are learning German so that when you talk to​ them they talk to​ you slowly so that u can easily understand what they want to​ say. This will make you mature enough to​ relate the language with your native language. Then you’ll be able to​ find the similarities and differences to​ your own language.

You must be aware that both English and German descend from the same language, also known as​ Proto-German.

So many words are exactly the same in​ English and German like:

English- (German) - (Pronunciation)
April - (April) - (a.pril)
August - (August) - (ow.gust)
Baby - (baby) - (
Photography - (fotografie) - (
Alcohol - (alcohol) - (al.ko.hawl)
Arm - (arm) - (arm)
Cricket - (kriket) - (kri.ket)
Mango - (mango) - (mang.go)

And many words are quite similar to​ English like:

English- (German) - (Pronunciation)
Coffee - (kaffees) - (ka.fay)
Foto - (Foto) - (
Place - (platz) - (plats)
Tea - (tee) - (tay)
We - (wir) - (veer)

In German, use of​ prminently pronounced 'C' is​ substituted with a​ 'K', as​ in​ the word: Corrupt written as​ Korrupt (ko.rupt). Similarly the English 'ph' is​ written as​ 'f': telephone book = Telefon buch (te.lefaun bookh).

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