How To Set And Achieve Your Goals In Real Estate

How To Set And Achieve Your Goals In Real Estate

How to​ Set and​ Achieve Your Goals in​ Real Estate
I want to​ ask you two questions. One, do you have a​ Will? and​ two, do you have written goals for​ the​ next one, three, five and​ ten years? if​ you answered yes to​ the​ first question but no to​ the​ second, you are planning more for​ your death than you are while you are here. Think about it. I ​ want to​ challenge you to​ start setting some goals, but remember if​ a​ goal is​ not in​ writing, it​ is​ simply a​ conversation. it​ must be in​ writing and​ it​ must have a​ deadline. Here are a​ few guidelines for​ setting goals. Oh, by the​ way. . . you need a​ will also.
Goals Must be Specific
I want you to​ be specific and​ include details but start rough. When you start rough for​ example, you want a​ Mercedes. You do not have to​ get into the​ details about what color, what options, that sort of​ thing, just write it​ down. Make your list huge, what kind of​ home do you want, what you want for​ your family, college education, spend more time, travel, anything you can think of. You can come back later and​ prioritize them and​ set them up as​ to​ what you want in​ one month, three months, six months, twelve months, then three, five, ten, twenty, thirty year goals. the​ more goals you have, the​ happier you will be, the​ longer you will live, and​ the​ more prosperous you will be.

Goals Must be Believable
Remember this, your goals must be believable, by you, or​ you will not pay the​ price. They must be believable, they must be just out of​ your reach, but you must know you can reach them, if​ you really strive to​ do it.

Goals Must be Measurable
You cannot set a​ goal to​ be financially independent. There is​ no way you can measure that. You need to​ set a​ goal for​ the​ amount of​ income you want per month, per year, the​ amount of​ equity that you want in​ properties one, three, five, ten and​ twenty years. it​ must be measurable. That way you can break it​ down to​ what I ​ call reduce it​ to​ the​ ridiculous. if​ you know you want to​ earn $100,000 a​ year, you know that is​ $8,333 per month. That’s just one deal a​ month where I ​ live. One of​ the​ things I ​ have learned is, successful people set their goals quickly and​ they make adjustments as​ they go along. Just like successful people make decisions quickly, they do not vacillate in​ indecision or​ what I ​ call sometimes; get mixed up in​ a​ funk of​ negativity.

Goals Must be Congruent
Your goals must also be congruent with your actions. You cannot set a​ goal to​ work harder, longer hours and​ a​ goal to​ spend more time with your family. Those are not congruent. They must be congruent with your actions.

Visualize What You Want
Another good thing that will help you with your goals is​ to​ visualize what you want. if​ you see yourself as​ already having achieved the​ goal, you will fake out your mind and​ your mind sees the​ goal as​ already having been achieved. It’s called fake it​ till you make it. I ​ used to​ do this all of​ the​ time. Just take a​ minute or​ two each day and​ think about life as​ it​ is​ with your goals already accomplished. It’s really easy when you get used to​ it.
Work Your Goals
The next thing you want to​ do is​ work your goals, work on the​ priority that moves you closer to​ your goals every day.
Number Your Goals
Number your goals in​ the​ order of​ importance. Not only is​ the​ goal important but so is​ the​ reason. Sure your want a​ car, but why do you want the​ car? Sure your want more money, but why do you want money? You want to​ be able to​ spend more time with your family, you want to​ be able to​ travel, you want to​ buy a​ Hummer, and​ you want to​ have an ocean front condo or​ send your children to​ the​ best college. Whatever it​ is, the​ reason must be there. the​ reason is​ more important than the​ goal itself.
Review, Monitor and​ Make Adjustments
Another thing you need to​ do is​ review, monitor and​ make adjustments on your goals. You have to​ be flexible. Some things are not going to​ happen, you have to​ face that; but you need to​ continuously strive to​ get better every day. if​ you will work harder on yourself than you do on your job then you will always be growing. Remember that last sentence and​ write it​ down as​ it​ is​ worth repeating.
The Goals Must Have a​ Deadline

As I ​ mentioned first, your goals must have a​ deadline. a​ goal without a​ deadline is​ just a​ conversation. When beginning to​ set your goals, I ​ want you to​ set your goals in​ four basic areas
You will set goals based on income, equity or​ net worth and​ cash flow. All of​ these are financial goals.
This is​ your health. if​ you don’t feel good, chances are that you are not working at​ your maximum capacity. So, I ​ want you to​ set some fitness goals to​ stay healthy. Remember an apple a​ day? What if​ this is​ right and​ you are not doing it? Start small though, you don’t try to​ tackle all of​ these at​ once; but you need to​ be healthy not only for​ you but for​ your family as​ well.
Set family goals. What is​ an example of​ a​ family goal? Maybe you want to​ take four vacations a​ year. Maybe you want to​ visit a​ new state, three times a​ year or​ five times a​ year. Maybe you want to​ go see the​ Grandparents two or​ three times a​ year; but maybe not. Anyway, you get the​ point.
You need to​ set some spiritual goals, some faith goals. I ​ am not going to​ get into a​ lot of​ detail about that but that will help you along your way. Remember, if​ you slip in​ one area of​ your goals, you are probably slipping in​ some other areas. Another thing I ​ want you to​ think about is​ the​ people you associate with. Take a​ minute and​ think about this. if​ you think about your ten closes friends annual salary and​ divide it​ by ten, then that is​ pretty close to​ what you make. I’m not telling you to​ get rid of​ your friends, all I’m saying is​ whom you associate with, is​ who you are like, so please keep that in​ mind. Don’t get rid of​ your friends, just get some more that are where YOU want to​ be financially. Most of​ the​ people I ​ hang out with now, we all make over $500,000. 00 a​ year. That just blows me away. I ​ never imagined I ​ could make that kind of​ money…. Well I ​ guess I ​ could, as​ we are talking about goal setting and​ visualization aren’t we?

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How To Set And Achieve Your Goals In Real Estate

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