How To SEO For Beginners

How To SEO For Beginners

Selecting Key Words: This is​ probably the​ most important point. you​ need to​ choose keywords that best describes your website so if​ someone types your keyword in​ a​ search engine,​ your site will come up. Now don’t just pick a​ few keywords which best interests you.

Try this Keyword Suggestion Tool:

Lets say your site is​ about Games. Now don’t just make ‘Games’ as​ your keyword because it​ is​ searched 99,​ 000 each day. There is​ very little chance your site will appear in​ a​ search any where near the​ first page. I suggest you​ pick more specific keywords such as​ ‘PlayStation Games’ or​ a​ name of​ an​ actual game like ‘Grand Theft Auto’. These names are searched not as​ much so there is​ a​ lot of​ chance your site will appear near or​ on​ the​ first page of​ a​ search engine.

Domain: you​ should have a​ a​ suitable do0main name. it​ is​ not as​ important but still works. Going back to​ Games site again. you​ are better off with a​ domain name such as​ rather than the​ domain name has nothing to​ do with your search engine optimism,​ you​ can still reach page one with or​ without a​ good domain name.

Title Tags: Very crucial in​ Search Engine Optimization. Going back to​ the​ Games site. you​ are better off with a​ title such as:

Game - Grand Theft Auto

rather than:

Grand Theft Auto - Games
Grand Theft Auto

Header Tags: Header tags are very important because they are used to​ identify words which are more important than the​ rest of​ the​ text on​ the​ page. the​ Header Tags sum up the​ topic of​ the​ page. When you​ are placing Header Tags,​ use ‘H1' tags.

For Example,​ lets go back to​ the​ Games site again. you​ want your Header Tag as​ ‘Games’ then you​ will do the​ following:

Easy URLs: Very important in​ search engine optimization. you​ want to​ have simple URLs,​ no long complicated stuff.

For Example in​ stead of​ this:

You will write:

Easy URLs: make sure you​ use correct keywords. For example going back to​ the​ Games site,​ make sure you​ mention something or​ probably everything related to​ games. When a​ search engine spider comes and sees that your page is​ suppose to​ be about Games but you​ haven’t mentioned about Games,​ he/she will think your site is​ not important. Have a​ paragraph or​ two about your site on​ top of​ your page,​ making sure you​ state the​ correct keywords that best matches your website.

Link Building: Make sure you​ have lots of​ links coming to​ your site. When a​ search engine comes to​ a​ website and notices that in​ it’s links there is​ a​ ‘Games’ link. He/she will click and it​ will lead him/her to​ your site. This will make him/her think that your site is​ very important. When you​ are building links,​ make sure you​ use correct keywords that best describes your website.

A Few Tips: a​ few tips by the​ professionals:

-For start ups use things like : Digit,​ reddit and ma.gnolia they all give a​ little traffic if​ your site is​ new
-Quality Backlinks and Trusted Links
-Putting the​ keywords in​ the​ title
-One Way links

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