How To Select A Reliable Web Hosting Company

To conduct a​ successful marketing campaign on the​ Internet, your website must be hosted by a​ reliable web hosting company. Selecting the​ 'wrong' provider can prove very costly along the​ line.

Below I detail a​ few important aspects of​ the​ selection process based purely on my own experiences over the​ last six years.

Since there are thousands of​ hosting companies in​ the​ web hosting market, naturally during your research you will encounter hundreds of​ web hosting resource sites loaded with numerous and​ sometimes bogus reviews and​ recommendations, consequently your research process must be very thorough.

First and​ foremost do searches in​ the​ major search engines such as​ Google, Yahoo and​ MSN. Simply enter terms like "Complaints about 'Your Potential Host's Name'" 'Hosting Reviews', etc.....You will find a​ lot of​ stuff regarding your potential host. Search for​ 'web hosting forums'; there are numerous such forums on the​ web that contain all kinds of​ information.

If you consistently find too many complaints about your potential web hosting company.... beware!

A company that offers too many features for​ too little is​ also suspect. if​ they are offering huge amounts of​ bandwidth and​ disk space for​ a​ very low price, be careful. Here is​ why: the​ company will most likely be forced to​ host numerous websites per server, resulting in​ congestion and​ server overload. the​ result: Your site may be too slow and​ may experience lots of​ downtime.

Where is​ your web host's datacenter located?

A datacenter located in​ a​ natural disaster prone and/or a​ politically unstable region is​ undesirable. I wouldn't host my website in​ a​ Kabul, Afghanistan or​ Kinsasha, Congo based datacenter - these two and​ many others around the​ world are politically unstable regions. On the​ other hand a​ datacenter based in​ the​ state of​ California, a​ major earthquake zone may be undesirable, but the​ fact that California is​ more than well equipped to​ handle such disasters and​ is​ the​ world's nerve center for​ all that is​ computer, far outweighs any existing dis-advantages.

A foreign based hosting company may be too far away from your customers. it​ won't serve you well if​ your host is​ based in​ Australia and​ your targeted customers are based in​ the​ United States. On the​ contrary, if​ your are marketing to​ customers exclusively in​ Australia from the​ United States, a​ web hosting company in​ Australia would be OK. if​ you are marketing worldwide, your choice becomes a​ little bit more complicated....unless of​ course you are Google, Yahoo or​ MSN, big companies who host their websites almost everywhere worldwide. Generally, I prefer web hosting companies located in​ the​ United States.

How is​ your web host connected to​ the​ internet?

Your potential host's data infrastructure - regional and​ local is​ of​ utmost importance.

- How is​ your potential host connected to​ the​ Internet...Do they have multiple connections to​ the​ internet backbone, and​ enough bandwidth to​ accommodate surges in​ web traffic?
- What kind of​ computer equipment is​ deployed within the​ datacenter?
- is​ the​ latest network security technologies incorporated?
- Are the​ hosting servers protected behind firewalls and​ intrusion monitoring software
- is​ the​ datacenter monitored via CCTV and​ supervised 24/7

How fast is​ your web host?

Find a​ couple of​ sites that are hosted by your potential web hosting company and​ test how fast their pages load on your computer. You also may execute the​ PING and​ TRACEROUTE commands on these websites to​ determine their suitability. Executing the​ ping command is​ called pinging a​ website and​ it​ determines how quickly a​ server can receive and​ send back a​ piece of​ data through your connection. When you run ping it​ sends a​ small packet of​ data and​ calculates the​ time it​ takes to​ get a​ response from the​ server. it​ is​ executed four times by default and​ a​ small report of​ average, minimum, and​ maximum response times will be displayed. a​ ping output typically consists of​ the​ packet size used, the​ host queried, the​ ICMP sequence number, the​ time to​ live, and​ the​ latency. All times are given in​ milliseconds. a​ ping output indicating large values and/or lost packets consistently over a​ period of​ time a​ red flag! Please note that if​ you have a​ bad or​ restrictive connection (Your ISP), the​ results may be skewed. Firewalls and​ proxy servers installed in​ your system or​ network can sometimes interfere with the​ ping operation. Also, some web hosting companies do not allow pinging of​ their servers, in​ which case you will get a​ 'Request Timed Out message'.

The Traceroute utility displays the​ connection [path] through the​ Internet between your computer and​ the​ potential web hosting company's server(s). the​ path between these two locations has many routers, computers and​ other devices along it​ which help move Internet information. Each movement from one device to​ the​ other is​ called a​ hop. Too many hops is​ cause for​ concern several Traceroutes for​ comparison!

Based on my experiences with different hosting companies over the​ years, I regard the​ following Web Hosting companies as​ the​ most reliable. I am sure there are many other good hosting companies out there, but it​ would be unfair to​ comment about a​ company that I have never dealt with.

One my websites, has been hosted by Ipowerweb since 2000. There were problems at​ first, typical when a​ web hosting company is​ experiencing a​ spurt in​ growth. in​ the​ year 2000, they had a​ customer base of​ 15,000. Six years later this number has grown to​ almost 300,000 and​ their service level has improved tremendously over these six years. Ipowerweb is​ one of​ the​ best web hosting companies on the​ Internet. a​ first class hosting company which I highly recommend.

I moved my other website, from Globat to​ iPowerWeb beginning April 25, 2018. With Ipowerweb I have experienced much less frequent downtimes, few email delays and​ failures. the​ customer service is​ superb and​ well coordinated as​ expected. the​ only problem we had at​ the​ beginning was their inability to​ transfer our database from Globat. Club Afrika is​ targeted at​ users in​ Africa, most of​ who are still on dial-up. it​ therefore makes no sense that these users have to​ wait for​ 5+ minutes for​ pages to​ load up. in​ this respect Ipowerweb has delivered. My site is​ no longer 'snail slow' and​ in​ spite of​ a​ few incompetent TIER 1 Techs here and​ there, overally I am satisfied with their service. Globat may improve in​ future....I suspect that they are having 'growth problems' just like Ipowerweb had when I first started hosting with them. if​ they do, then they might be worth considering for​ they offer the​ most 'humongous' features in​ the​ web-hosting business. But be cautious, 'Greed' almost always translates into poor website performance....some of​ their offerings are just too good to​ be true, for​ lack of​ appropriate words.

I have been hosting another website, on Lunar Pages servers since 2000. Lunar Pages web hosting plans start at​ 5000MB of​ storage and​ 400GB of​ transfer for​ only $7.95. it​ is​ my opinion that Lunar Pages is​ a​ great web hosting company. Great website uptime and​ customer service! Very few websites require more than 1000MB of​ disk space (Apondo Systems has over 300 pages and​ I haven't even used one half of​ the​ allocated space), so if​ what you are looking for​ is​ quality first, Lunar pages is​ a​ good bet. if​ you are looking for​ extra databases, humongous disk space and​ bandwidth, then take a​ look at​ iPowerWeb which is​ a​ topnotch company too, or​ even Globat.

StartLogic is​ a​ relatively new web hosting company, a​ reseller of​ IPowerweb Web Hosting Services. Naturally, you will expect them to​ follow in​ the​ great footsteps of​ Ipowerweb. Being the​ #1 reseller of​ Ipowerweb, StartLogic's hosting infrastructure is​ most probably maintained by Ipowerweb, a​ large and​ reputable web hosting company. They offer both Windows and​ Unix Hosting. Due to​ the​ 'newness' of​ the​ company and​ the​ fact that I have not used their services, I cannot judge them authoritatively, but based on the​ comments I have seen so far, all over the​ Internet and​ by virtue of​ their relationship with Ipowerweb, I think this is​ a​ good low cost web hosting company.

GoDaddy currently offers one of​ the​ cheapest prices for​ Domain Names and​ Hosting Services. the​ pricing on packages is​ very competitive. With Godaddy website templates you can get a​ nice-looking Web site with ample storage. Reports indicate that their performance is​ above average. One thing you may not like is​ that they do not have an​ 800 number for​ Technical Support. They prefer local numbers. I think their pricing especially for​ Domain Names is​ very reasonable and​ is​ worth giving a​ shot. Also, if​ you are looking for​ just a​ handful of​ features, Godaddy offers very flexible packages....they even allow you to​ pay for​ your hosting services on a​ monthly basis! the​ control panel is​ kind of​ 'tight', scripting Gurus may not like some of​ the​ restrictions but I think Godaddy hosting is​ worth a​ try. We hosted briefly at​ GoDaddy but quickly moved it​ to​ Hostgator for​ one and​ only one reason: Godaddy does not support CRON JOBS, a​ server feature vital to​

Our website, is​ hosted at​ Hostgator. We were initially attracted by two things: Unlimited Databases and​ the​ option of​ paying monthly and​ not the​ usual year long contract. This means that if​ we are to​ disapprove of​ their services during our self imposed trial period, we will be able to​ opt out with ease. Well, we haven't because we love the​ friendly and​ professional customer service support offered by hostgator and​ our website has been running exceptionally well. We have yet to​ experience any unscheduled downtimes. if​ you are looking to​ re-sell hosting, then consider Hostgator. Although the​ pricing is​ slightly above the​ average in​ comparison to​ other top hosting companies, we feel that the​ reliability of​ their services, the​ bandwidth, storage, unlimited databases and​ numerous other features included with their packages are well worth it. Hostgator is​ a​ topnotch hosting company, at​ the​ same level as​ iPowerweb and​ Lunar Pages.

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