How To Select The Perfect Web Host

How To Select The Perfect Web Host

How To Select the​ Perfect Web Host
How To Select the​ Perfect Web Host
Although choosing a​ Web Hosting Company for​ your organization may seem like a​ simple task, it​ is​ vital to​ take some time off and​ look out for​ the​ best one available in​ the​ market .​
Here are some top features that you must look into while selecting a​ good web host:
• Reliability - While selecting a​ web hosting company for​ your web site, you must look for​ its reliability .​
You should determine the​ experience level of​ the​ web host .​
Don’t forget to​ read public reviews about the​ web host that you are considering to​ hire .​
The best way to​ find a​ good web host company is​ by asking people who have used or​ currently use its services .​
Fortunately, there are news groups and​ forums dedicated to​ web hosts and​ their services that’ll help you out in​ this regard.
• Customer Support Panel - Every website faces one problem or​ the​ other at​ different times .​
So, in​ such circumstances, when you need the​ assistance of​ professionals, you should find out whether the​ customer support panel will be available to​ help you or​ not .​
The hosting company that you are hiring should be able to​ quickly repair any problem in​ your website .​
This means that you must be able to​ reach someone from the​ hosting company 24x7.
• CGI Access - for​ novices in​ the​ Internet industry, we must tell you that CGI is​ an​ access facility that gives the​ users an​ ability to​ run their own program on their website .​
Initially, this may not seem a​ big deal, but with time, as​ the​ company grows, you will want to​ gain as​ much control as​ possible .​
You must make sure that the​ web hosting company provides you CGI access that allows you to​ write, read and​ execute anything on the​ server.
• POP Account - Safety comes first on the​ Internet .​
a​ larger number of​ Internet experts and​ hackers are on the​ look out to​ steal your hard earned money and​ your valuable company information .​
So, in​ order to​ provide safety to​ your web site, you must make sure that the​ web host will provide you with a​ POP account, which will give you a​ password protected access to​ the​ e-mails sent through your e-mail address on the​ web site.
• Domain Name - the​ domain name of​ your web site acts solely as​ your identity on the​ Internet .​
So, you must make sure that the​ domain name provided to​ you by the​ web host should include the​ name of​ your business or​ the​ targeted keywords that you want in​ your domain name .​
It is​ advisable to​ approach a​ web host that allows the​ users to​ select their own domain name.
• Storage Space and​ Bandwidth - the​ web hosting company that you are looking forward to​ should provide you with enough bandwidth and​ storage space, which is​ required for​ efficient working of​ your website .​
Storage space is​ simply the​ amount of​ files that can be stored on your account .​
Bandwidth is​ the​ transfer of​ data from the​ server to​ the​ user and​ vice versa .​
Beware! There are lots of​ inferior web hosts in​ the​ market, but an​ experienced and​ reputed web host is​ the​ only one who will provide you with the​ ultimate web hosting solutions .​
The other things that you must focus on while choosing a​ web hosting company include, a​ user-friendly site builder program, shopping carts, Blogs, forums and​ other scripts .​
In some cases, you may want .NET service, while in​ others, you may look for​ PHP .​
You may also require a​ particular CMS that is​ available only with some of​ the​ hosts.
One kind of​ web hosting is​ shared hosting, in​ which, various websites are positioned in​ a​ single server component linked to​ the​ Internet .​
Each website is​ given its own space, partition and​ section on the​ server, thus, separating it​ form the​ other websites .​
This method of​ hosting is​ extremely cost-effective, as​ many people get to​ share the​ total cost of​ maintaining the​ web server .​
Shared hosting can be done in​ two ways - Name based and​ IP based .​
In name based method, there are various host names on a​ single individual machine, while in​ the​ IP based method, each individual host has its own IP address and​ one of​ the​ main benefits of​ using this method is​ that it​ can employ its own SSL certificate.
If your website has started receiving a​ lot of​ traffic as​ well as​ SQL requests, then you can hog your shared server and​ can dissatisfy other customers .​
In such a​ scenario, you can opt to​ move towards a​ dedicated server or​ a​ Virtual Private Server (VPS) .​
a​ VPS will provide you a​ root-level access to​ your server simply like that in​ a​ shared hosting account .​
In comparison to​ dedicated hosting, VPS is​ quite cost-effective, but dedicated ones have better configurations of​ the​ hardware .​
With a​ VPS plan, the​ users will still share the​ physical resources but will be able to​ enjoy a​ private server, but with a​ dedicated plan, you have the​ entire web server all by yourself.
For a​ detailed comparison of​ the​ top 5 hosting companies and​ more information about starting a​ web based business please follow the​ link below.

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