How To Select A Good Web Designer Developer

How To Select A Good Web Designer Developer

Good web designs are very subjective and​ even the​ designs perceived as​ great by one person will not be viewed as​ so by another.

Before starting your search the​ first thing to​ establish is​ what budget you have. This determines whether you should be looking at​ a​ design agency or​ a​ freelance web designer.

So what do you need to​ look for? Do you look for​ someone with amazing creative talents, a​ history of​ excellent websites or​ simply rely on recommendations from others. Without doubt a​ web designer's portfolio is​ of​ utmost importance, you are not going to​ contact someone if​ you are not keen on their previous creations. When looking at​ their sites check they don't all look the​ same, check the​ pages load quickly and​ above all check they are easy to​ navigate through and​ that you never feel lost in​ the​ site.

When you approach a​ designer we suggest you ask the​ following questions:

1) if​ a​ logo is​ required ask them how they approach the​ branding process and​ how can they build on your current branding
2) Ask them how many design concepts they create
3) When coding sites check they validate all pages on the​ W3C validator? This ensures the​ pages are free from errors and​ any respectable coder will automatically ensure this is​ automatically carried out on all sites. a​ good test is​ to​ look at​ their recent client list and​ check those sites using the​ W3C validator
4) You need to​ decide what audience you are targeting and​ hence what browsers you want supported. if​ you want a​ site that works in​ all version 4 browsers and​ above on PC and​ Mac then it​ will cost more than a​ site is​ developed for​ Internet Explorer 5 and​ upwards on the​ PC. When you have decided what browsers and​ operating systems you would like supported check the​ developer has access to​ all the​ relevant browsers and​ platforms you require (i.e. do they have a​ Macintosh if​ you require this)
5) if​ your site requires e-commerce ask the​ designer if​ they have experience in​ this area and​ get them to​ show you examples.
6) Do you require a​ content management system (CMS)? Content Management Systems help you manage the​ text on your pages without knowing any HTML. Many developers can offer this service so if​ you require one ask them for​ recommendations, as​ a​ CMS they have worked on before will be a​ lot more cost effective than using one they have not.
7) if​ you want your designer to​ market your site on search engines then experience in​ this area is​ vital. Many companies offer tools which promise to​ submit to​ 1000's of​ search engines but most people agree these do not work as​ well as​ links submitted by hand. Find out what projects they have marketed on search engines, go to​ Google and​ if​ you have the​ Google toolbar installed find out the​ Page Rank of​ the​ site (a Page Rank of​ 4 and​ upwards is​ generallt regarded as​ acceptable, anything less than a​ 3 could do with further optimisation and​ site submission). Do bear in​ mind it​ takes time to​ get listed on search engines, and​ even longer for​ the​ Google Page Rank to​ be updated. (this process can take over three months)
8) Work out if​ you require affiliate marketing e.g. banner ads or​ other forms of​ online advertising. if​ you want to​ go down this route you need to​ make sure they have experience in​ this area or​ use a​ separate company for​ this work.

So where do you start the​ search for​ a​ designer? Google searches, Kelly Search ( and​ the​ UKWDA ( are all good places to​ start but even better is​ finding a​ site you like the​ look of​ and​ enquiring who developed it.

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