How To Save Photos From Your Digital Camera

How To Save Photos From Your Digital Camera

How To Save Photos From Your Digital Camera
Once you’ve taken photos with your digital camera, you need to​ store them somewhere .​
You could always leave them on the​ memory card, but that would get rather expensive, so let’s explore a​ few other options.
1 .​
Transfer your images onto your computer .​
Most cameras come with a​ wire to​ connect your camera to​ your computer, a​ CD with a​ downloading program and​ an​ instruction booklet .​
Transferring the​ images is​ fast and​ simple .​
Once they are on the​ computer, you can delete the​ images from your memory card and​ start taking more photos.
2 .​
Burn your images onto a​ CD .​
If you have a​ CD burner on your computer, you can make photo discs to​ store or​ share with others .​
When it​ comes to​ pictures, it​ is​ often best to​ use a​ CD that can’t be written over .​
This will save the​ heartache of​ losing precious photos .​
Label the​ CD and​ store it​ where it​ can be gotten easily when you need to​ see your pictures.
3 .​
Store your images on a​ public web site .​
There are many photo-hosting sites on the​ internet .​
Some charge for​ the​ service, but many are completely free .​
You have the​ choice to​ password-protect your images or​ share them with the​ world .​
This option helps if​ your computer should crash .​
Your pictures are safe.
4 .​
Print your images and​ place them in​ a​ photo album .​
Many people still like turning the​ pages of​ a​ photo album and​ reviewing the​ memories .​
This also makes it​ possible for​ those without a​ computer to​ view your pictures.
5 .​
Create a​ photo gift .​
There are places out there that will take your digital image and​ place in​ on shirts, mouse pads, cups, calendars and​ numerous other items .​
These make wonderful gifts and​ provide a​ way to​ keep a​ cherished picture near at​ all times.
These are just a​ few suggestions .​
Using your creativity, you will come up with many more ideas.

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