How To Save Money Shopping Online

How To Save Money Shopping Online

Learn how to​ save BIG online by searching for​ multiple coupons, getting free shipping, comparing prices and​ researching the​ brands.

Many consumers think that online shopping is​ more expensive because they wouldn’t have to​ pay shipping at​ the​ brick-n-mortar store. They don’t know what you’re about to​ find out.

Did you know that there are thousands of​ websites that exist just to​ provide you with coupons for​ online stores? Did you know you can find sites that compare prices, and​ brand features, or​ that entire forums and​ networks are dedicated to​ allowing users to​ voice their own opinion about a​ product or​ service? Did you know many stores use their online portal and​ email newsletters as​ a​ quick way to​ unload overstocked products at​ below-cost prices? Did you know some stores allow you to​ combine free shipping deals with dollar off deals, with percent off deals, with buy-one-get-one deals…? Did you know there are companies that allow you to​ join their affiliate program and​ save hundreds of​ dollars by selling yourself their product? I know of​ one that lets me buy a​ hosting package for​ $95 including taxes, and​ then deposits $100 back into my affiliate account a​ few months later. They are actually paying ME to​ buy their product. it​ says nothing against doing this in​ the​ agreement I signed, and​ as​ far as​ I’m concerned it​ is​ a​ don’t ask; don’t tell situation.

Most of​ these sites did not exist five years ago, at​ least not with such economic success while providing such unprecedented value. We have the​ emergence of​ Affiliate Marketing to​ thank for​ this, as​ you will see below.

The Digital Coupon

I was shopping for​ a​ relative’s Christmas present last year and​ my mother saw me get onto a​ coupon site. it​ was , which has little coupon-like dashes around the​ logos, and​ she asked "Are you going to​ print that coupon out?" it​ dawned on me then that perhaps not 'everyone' knew what an​ affiliate program was, or​ that thousands of​ merchants pay bloggers and​ website owners in​ every conceivable industry to​ distribute online coupons via special codes that the​ buyer types into a​ field during the​ checkout process: "Save 25% on everything – today only! Enter Code: 12345 at​ Checkout." Others just apply the​ code automatically when you click on the​ link: "Get free shipping. Click Here." if​ you are going to​ buy the​ Blue Widget brand of​ widgets, for​ example, go to​ Google and​ type: 'blue widget coupons' or​ 'blue widget coupon codes'. You'll be surprised at​ how many there are!

Double Dipping

Most ecommerce systems these days are smart enough to​ allow stores to​ make coupons not applicable with any other offers. But the​ employee behind this million dollar ecommerce system doesn’t always have his coffee in​ the​ morning and​ you can often find online stores that allow multiple coupons to​ the​ point of​ practically getting something for​ free: Free shipping + 25% off + $10 off + Get one free = a​ heck of​ a​ deal! Do a​ Google search for​ "you can use multiple coupons" and​ see if​ you can find any of​ your favorite stores.

Compare Prices

There are plenty of​ websites out there that will check databases from thousands of​ online stores and​ return the​ result that has the​ cheapest price for​ the​ product you asked for. You might already know some of​ them, such as:,,, and​

Compare Brands

Less common than the​ price comparison site, but equally as​ useful, is​ the​ brand comparison. Before you try to​ find where to​ buy, you need to​ know what to​ buy. That's where sites like come in. They take two brands (i.e. Treo VS Blackberry Smart-phones) and​ compare features, price, consumer opinion from other review websites, and​ come up with an​ unbiased suggestion as​ to​ which brand is​ the​ best buy, thus saving you money both short-term and​ in​ the​ long run with a​ higher quality product.

Join Newsletters and​ Feeds

Get a​ free Hotmail or​ Gmail account, and​ use it​ only to​ subscribe to​ your favorite stores’ newsletters. Before long you will have a​ library of​ emails from which to​ select coupon codes, limited time offers and​ deep, deep discounts on overstocked items. I often see the​ price being offered in​ the​ email to​ the​ newsletter group can be as​ much as​ half of​ that listed on the​ website for​ everyone else to​ see. Feeds are slowly taking over instead of​ newsletters, and​ have the​ added benefit of​ being more anonymous. You can sign up for​ Compare the​ Brand’s 10 Most Recent ever-flowing feed of​ product reviews just by copying and​ pasting the​ URL into bloglines or​ Google feed reader. You can even get a​ widget and​ put it​ on your desktop.

Sell Yourself and​ Double the​ Winnings

Affiliate programs gave birth to​ this type of​ service and​ utility in​ the​ ecommerce industry by allowing regular Joe's to​ place a​ link on their own website, or​ in​ an​ email, and​ get a​ percent of​ the​ sale every time someone went from their link to​ the​ merchants' site and​ purchased something. What those new to​ the​ affiliate marketing industry do not know is​ that most merchants have no clause in​ the​ affiliate agreement about using the​ discounts to​ buy for​ yourself. Just join all the​ programs you can, keep a​ page somewhere online that you can put all of​ the​ links on, and​ next time you want to​ buy something just go through your own link. Not only will you save by using the​ coupon code, but you get a​ percent of​ the​ sale. How much cash back does Visa give - 0.02%? Hop on over to​ Commission Junction, Shareasale or​ Linkshare to​ get up to​ 25% back every time!

Remember: Compare the​ brands, join the​ newsletters, compare prices and​ double dip those coupons while selling yourself on a​ Great Deal! You’ll be the​ best customer you've ever had. I promise.

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