How To Really Annoy Your Web Site Visitors

How To Really Annoy Your Web Site Visitors

It is​ quite easy to​ build a​ web site. it​ is​ even easier to​ really annoy your web site visitors.

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Anyone can build a​ web site. Building a​ good web site is​ another story. Web designers can easily avoid some of​ the​ most common mistakes by watching out for​ the​ following pitfalls:

1. Pop-Ups – Pop-ups can really annoy a​ visitor as​ these advertisements that open automatically in​ a​ new window can be quite distracting. the​ visitor might be interested in​ looking at​ the​ content of​ your site but a​ pop-up can force the​ visitor to​ focus on other things. a​ better way to​ annoy visitors is​ by having pop-ups that spawn more pop-ups when the​ visitor tries to​ close the​ first one.

2. Never Ending Web Pages – Another way to​ annoy your web site visitors is​ by putting mass amounts of​ information on one long continuous page. the​ visitor will keep scrolling endlessly down the​ web page only to​ get lost in​ web site content unrelated to​ what he or​ she was looking for​ in​ the​ first place. Long pages are one of​ the​ easiest ways to​ make a​ web page look hokey. it​ is​ much better to​ keep web site pages short and​ sweet so that it​ is​ easy for​ the​ visitor to​ get right to​ the​ information that is​ being looked for.

3. Excessive use of​ Graphics – Some web developers think that by using flashy graphics they can attract visitors to​ their site. Instead, the​ visitors are likely to​ get irritated. Too many graphics will make your web site download very slowly. Due to​ slow download speeds people might leave your web site before even knowing what your site has to​ offer. in​ this fast moving world, nobody has spare time to​ sit and​ wait until your web site pages load. This is​ particularly true for​ the​ 42 percent of​ people still on dial-up.

4. Under Construction Pages – Another way to​ irritate your web site visitors is​ by diverting them to​ a​ page which reads “under construction”. Most people try to​ find content oriented web sites and​ if​ they come across your web page that reads "under construction," the​ visitor is​ likely to​ be annoyed, having spent time getting there with no positive result.

5. Plug-Ins – Some web sites use plug-ins that visitors have to​ install before they can view the​ web site. This is​ one of​ the​ easiest way to​ really annoy your web site visitors. Some people feel that if​ they like a​ particular program then others should like it​ as​ well. a​ web developer might like a​ good-looking icon program which needs to​ be installed before his or​ her web site can be viewed. if​ the​ program is​ obscure and​ not used by most people, this will only be a​ source of​ discontent when things do not work properly on the​ site. Don’t make people download software to​ see your site. Never ever make them take extra steps to​ do something.

6. Lack of​ Content – Most people like content oriented web sites that give information on specific topics. Even search engines love content-based web sites and​ will rank content heavy sites higher in​ search results. Usually people visit a​ web site to​ see what benefit the​ site can offer them. Lack of​ proper content results in​ annoyed visitors leaving the​ web site.

7. Music – a​ few years back music was quite common on the​ web and​ many web sites had music that automatically played. Gradually people have realized that music creates a​ lot of​ distraction and​ is​ a​ nuisance to​ a​ lot of​ people. if​ you really want music then a​ choice should be given to​ the​ visitor to​ switch it​ on or​ off. Remember, may people surf the​ web with music playing already or​ while sitting in​ their office. When a​ web site automatically plays music, it​ will aggravate them to​ no end.

8. Inconsistent Page Design – Some sites are designed in​ such a​ way that after moving from one page to​ another the​ visitor feels as​ if​ he or​ she has come to​ a​ totally different web site. There should be some uniformity in​ page design or​ else visitors will feel lost and​ disoriented.

By paying close attention to​ factors that can annoy web site visitors, web site owners and​ designers can keep their visitors happy. Following, or​ rather not following, these eight web site annoyances, webmasters can make the​ most of​ each web visitor.

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