How To Read Payout Percentages Of Online Casino Games

How To Read Payout Percentages Of Online Casino Games

Each online casino rewards players differently and moreover,​ each online casino game does as​ well. You might have heard,​ for example,​ that craps has the​ best payouts of​ all while the​ payout percentages for video poker may be less than ideal (this is​ not a​ hard fast rule,​ merely an​ example). So what does this mean? What are payout percentages,​ how much do they matter to​ you,​ the​ player,​ when searching for a​ new online casino to​ enter or​ online casino game to​ play,​ and how can you use this knowledge to​ rake in​ as​ much money as​ possible? This article will answer all of​ these questions,​ and a​ few others.

The payout percentage of​ any online casino game is​ the​ portion of​ players’ wagers that is​ paid out in​ winnings. That’s right -- if​ you thought that all of the​ money bet at​ the​ online casino is​ paid out to​ somebody (hopefully you as​ much as​ possible),​ you thought wrong. the​ “house”; (or the​ online casino itself) keeps a​ small percentage of​ every bet coming in​ as​ part of​ their “fee” for providing the​ online gambling venue in​ the​ first place.

Now,​ before you go pouting in​ a​ corner,​ vowing never to​ set cyber-foot near an​ online casino game again,​ let us assure you -- not only is​ it​ the​ same way with land-based casinos,​ but the​ payout percentages at​ those brick-and-mortar casinos is​ lower (or worse for you,​ the​ player) than at​ the​ online casino.

The primary reason,​ of​ course,​ is​ the​ lower cost of​ operating an​ online casino as​ compared with a​ land-based one. the​ secondary reason is​ competition -- there are so many online casinos,​ and more cropping up every day,​ that one of​ the​ only ways to​ compete in​ this cutthroat industry is​ to​ offer you,​ the​ player,​ better chances of​ walking away from your computer with money in​ your account than the​ competition can promise.

This is​ why most online casinos will hire a​ reputed third-party auditing company (like Price Waterhouse Coopers) to​ audit their games monthly and produce a​ payout report detailing the​ percentages of​ money coming into each online casino game at​ that casino (slots,​ craps,​ roulette,​ video poker,​ keno,​ etc.) that is​ paid out to​ players in​ the​ form of​ winnings and bonuses. So if​ you see something like this -- Slots 98.7% - you know that the​ house keeps 1.3% of​ each penny bet at​ the​ slots. the​ closer the​ payout percentages of​ an​ online casino game to​ 100%,​ the​ better it​ is​ for you,​ the​ player. So if​ we​ saw -- Craps 99.8% - we’d probably brave a​ few rolls of​ the​ dice.

And incidentally,​ most jurisdictions that regulate gambling require casinos online and off to​ pay out a​ minimum of​ 75% of​ all incoming monies. Though in​ some cases this number may be slightly lower,​ it’s unlikely you’ll ever find it​ too much lower than that.

These payout reports are generally published openly on​ the​ online casino’s website with a​ complete archive of​ previous months’ reports all readily available for anyone wishing to​ view them. If,​ perchance,​ you’re considering a​ site that does not publicly display their payout percentages of​ each online casino game directly on​ their site,​ it​ is​ complete reasonable for you to​ write to​ the​ site (see their Contact Info) to​ inquire about it. They should be more than happy to​ email that information to​ you. if​ they’re not,​ we’d raise an​ eyebrow and seriously consider not depositing any of​ our hard-earned money into such a​ place.

Now you know how to​ better evaluate online casinos and each online casino game that they offer in​ order to​ learn not only which have the​ best odds of​ winning any amount of​ money at​ all,​ but also which have the​ largest payouts. Armed with this information,​ you’re now better prepared to​ venture out into the​ jungle of​ online casino games and emerge with a​ bounty to​ be proud of!

How To Read Payout Percentages Of Online Casino Games

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