How To Read An Online Casino Review

How To Read An Online Casino Review

There are quite an​ overwhelming number of​ online casino review sites out there. Each online casino reviewer gives you his or​ her assessment of​ the​ torrent of​ online casinos courting your participation. in​ this article,​ we​ will use our own online casino review template as​ an​ example to​ detail what you'll want to​ look for when trying to​ find the​ right online casino for you.

In this section of​ the​ online casino review you'll discover what the​ signup bonus is​ at​ that site -- typically matching a​ certain percent of​ your first deposit -- as​ well as​ any other bonuses available at​ the​ online casino. Re-deposit bonuses are also popular,​ whereby the​ online casino matches a​ percentage of​ select future deposits (say,​ once a​ month,​ your first deposit of​ that month).

Bonuses may be game-specific or​ day-specific. They may offer cash prizes or​ free game tokens.

A particularly appealing type of​ bonus is​ the Progressive Jackpot,​ which starts out at​ a​ particular level (say,​ $500),​ but as​ each day passes without anyone qualifying to​ win the​ jackpot,​ an​ additional amount (say,​ $50) is​ then added to​ it. the​ pot grows this way until someone wins the​ whole kit-and-kaboodle,​ after which the​ jackpot is​ then reset to​ its starting level.

Similar to​ bonuses,​ promotions are time-based,​ special events,​ ordinarily with prizes that are larger and more enticing than usual,​ sometimes including vacations and automobiles and such.

Upon reading a​ few online casino reviews,​ you'll quickly notice that there are only a​ handful of​ online casino software programs that most online casinos use,​ namely: Microgaming,​ Cryptologic,​ RealTime Gaming,​ and PlayTech. You will,​ however,​ also find the​ occasional online casino with its own proprietary software.

Each software brand has its own strengths and weaknesses,​ many of​ which are quite subjective. You may therefore wish to​ find an​ online casino reviewer whose opinions on​ casinos (or software platforms) that you're already familiar with,​ you seem to​ share. That way,​ you can trust his or​ her opinion when they praise or​ condemn a​ particular online casino software for its:

- Speed and smoothness of​ game play
- Reliability of​ the​ software
- Usability of​ the​ interface
- Table view options (Bird's Eye or​ 3D Player-Centered)
- Selection of​ automated features (auto-post blinds,​ preselect bid/fold buttons)

This is​ also the​ section of​ the​ online casino review where you'll find information on​ how players are represented in​ the​ game (text,​ icons,​ flags,​ avatars),​ and the​ quality of​ the​ graphics and sound (including background sounds and sound effects).

In this part of​ the​ online casino review,​ you'll find out exactly what games (and how many varieties of​ each) you can play at​ each online casino. Games may include Craps,​ Baccarat,​ Blackjack,​ Roulette,​ Keno,​ Video Poker,​ Slots,​ and others.

Here in​ the​ online casino review is​ where you'll learn about the​ promptness,​ reliability,​ and security of​ payouts. You'll find out about third party audits that the​ online casino receives (and whether they publicly post the​ results or​ not) of​ their payout percentages and/or the​ random number generators their games use. You'll learn of​ affiliations the​ online casino may have with organizations that require online casinos meet certain ethical standards and comply with certain codes.

Customer Support
Lastly,​ this is​ the​ section of​ the​ online casino review that describes the​ ways available to​ you for contacting customer support (toll-free phone,​ email,​ live chat),​ the​ hours (preferably 24/7),​ and most importantly,​ the​ quality (ie. how courteous and responsive).


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