How To Put Your Videos Onto Psp

How To Put Your Videos Onto Psp
Sony’s amazing electronic entertainment kit is​ one of​ the​ most versatile out there .​
Whatever the​ type of​ media, this little gem can handle it .​
The starnge thing is, not everyone is​ using it​ to​ its full potential .​
Of all of​ my friends thqat have PSP’s, none of​ them watch movies! This was strange, until it​ dawned on me that they didn't actually know how to​ do it! It really isn't that hard to​ put videos on PSP, so hopefully you will stay with me to​ find out how, and​ I​ can get my friends to​ read the​ article instead of​ asking me questions all the​ time!
The most important practical consideration that keeps people from putting videos on their PSP is​ lack of​ free memory .​
There is​ no getting away from it, if​ you are serious about putting video on your PSP, you shoul get hold of​ the​ biggest and​ best memory stick you can afford .​
a​ 512mb stick is​ the​ absolute minimum for​ this purpose.
In order to​ transfer video to​ your PSP you will need to​ have a​ computer handy so that you can connect the​ PSP via a​ USB cable .​
An internet connection comes in​ very handy, but you don't absolutely need it​ unless you need to​ download your video first.
1-Connect the​ computer and​ the​ PSP together, with the​ PSP switched off in​ the​ first instance, and​ then switch the​ PSP on as​ soon as​ you have made and​ confirmed the​ connection.
2-With the​ PSP go into the​ SETTINGS menu, and​ press X, which is​ used to​ link the​ PSP to​ the​ computer .​
If you then go into MY COMPUTER on the​ computer, you will see another volume that has been added .​
This is​ the​ PSP/Playstation Portable.
3-Open the​ PSP memory card and​ then open the​ folder called PSP .​
With this folder still open, you will need to​ make another folder within it .​
This folder should be called MP_ROOT .​
You also need to​ create a​ folder called 100mnv01
4-Save the​ movies that you intend to​ watch in​ the​ folder 100mnv01 and​ now you can start! You can begin to​ watch a​ movie by clicking on the​ saved image inside the​ memory card .​
For this to​ work, it​ is​ essential that the​ movies are in​ MP4 format .​
If you don't know about this format, look it​ up in​ the​ search engine .​
Should you wish to​ transfer your DVDs to​ the​ MP4 format you will need to​ get special software to​ do the​ job.
There you have it .​
You now know how to​ put video on PSP in​ 4 easy steps!

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