How To Put Videos On Your Sony Psp

How To Put Videos On Your Sony PSP
If you're lucky enough to​ own a​ Sony PSP, you're probably very excited about all the​ different things it​ can do .​
Unfortunately, watching movies is​ not one of​ the​ simpler things to​ do with a​ PSP, and​ it​ seems that many people have no idea how it's done .​
I've put together a​ few quick steps here, so hopefully once you've read this you'll know exactly how to​ put videos on PSP.
Essentials-Memory Stick- you need at​ least 500mb free to​ do this, but the​ more the​ better really .​
These things are really much cheaper than they used to​ be, so check Ebay or​ Amazon to​ find a​ good deal .​
You?ll also need to​ be near a​ computer with an​ internet connection and​ a​ USB cable that you can connect the​ computer to​ the​ PSP with.
Step- 1
Switch the​ PSP off, and​ use the​ USB cable to​ connect the​ PSP to​ the​ computer .​
Once connected, switch the​ PSP on.
Step- 2
Go into the​ settings menu on the​ PSP, and​ hit X .​
This should make the​ computer link to​ the​ PSP and​ vice versa .​
Once it's done, go to​ the​ computer and​ open My Computer-you should see that there is​ a​ new volume there, much in​ the​ same way that an​ external HD is​ added or​ a​ flash drive.
Step- 3
Go into the​ PSP Memory Stick and​ open the​ folder named PSP .​
Once it's open, create another folder inside it .​
It's very important to​ get the​ name correct 'MP_ROOT' and​ then create an​ additional folder called '100mnv01'
Step- 4
You will need to​ save any movies you want to​ watch in​ the​ folder you created named '100mnv01' .​
Once they are saved there, you can start to​ watch them by clicking on the​ image inside the​ Memory Stick .​
It's important to​ note that you will need the​ movies in​ MP4 format, and​ you can find plenty of​ software around to​ perform the​ conversion if​ you need to.
Didn't I​ tell you it​ was simple when you knew how? There it​ is, that?s exactly how to​ put videos on PSP.

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