How To Plan For Kitchen Remodeling

How To Plan For Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is​ one of​ the most desirable home improvement projects for many homeowners. a​ new kitchen increases the value of​ your home and makes your life easier. The first step to​ your new kitchen is​ to​ set a​ budget. Decide how much money you are willing to​ spend. This will help drive your other decisions. Be sure to​ leave a​ cushion in​ your budget for additional, unexpected expenses.

When determining your budget, consider how long you intend to​ stay in​ your home. if​ you are planning to​ sell in​ the next year or​ so, you may want to​ spend less money. Decide which features you must have in​ your new kitchen. You can cut corners in​ other areas by substituting less expensive materials for the counter tops, flooring or​ cabinet doors.
Research Kitchen Trends
Before you start planning your remodeling project, do some research on the current trends and designs being used in​ kitchens. Look for information on the internet or​ in​ home decorating magazines. Visit your local home improvement center for more ideas. Start a​ file for pictures of​ kitchens you love, furniture, appliances, fabric swatches or​ anything else you find interesting. This will help when you are ready to​ start purchasing items for your new room.
Options in​ Kitchen Remodeling
Cabinets are an​ expensive item in​ any remodeling project. They often take up half of​ the overall budget for the room. if​ you can’t afford the cost of​ brand new cabinets, there are cheaper alternatives. Consider cabinet refacing rather than replacing the entire cabinet. in​ refacing, the doors are replaced and exterior wood areas are covered. This is​ much less expensive since you are using the same cabinets. an​ even cheaper alternative is​ to​ paint your existing cabinets and buy new hardware.

If you must have new cabinets, consider adding some extra features. Features such as​ tilt out drawers, pull out garbage cans or​ a​ lazy Susan inside a​ corner cabinet are great space savers and make the room more functional. The doors can be either solid wood, clear glass or​ stained glass. Shop around to​ find out what is​ available before making a​ purchase.

You can save money on flooring and countertops as​ well. Substitute vinyl flooring in​ place of​ more expensive ceramic tile to​ save money. if​ you can install ceramic tiles yourself, you can have them for about the price you would pay a​ contractor to​ install vinyl flooring.

Countertops vary widely in​ price depending on the material that is​ used. Counters that are more durable are also more expensive. You may want this if​ you want to​ be able to​ cut food directly on the counter. For most people, this is​ an​ easy way to​ cut the overall cost of​ your kitchen. You can find less expensive material that gives the look of​ marble, butcher’s block or​ other expensive materials.

Once you have decided what you want, consider how much of​ the job you can do yourself. Contractors can eat up a​ large portion of​ your budget. The more you can do, the more you will save in​ the overall cost of​ the room. Use the savings for great new furniture.

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