How To Pick The Right Dog Food

As the​ pet industry becomes larger,​ so do the​ pet owner's choices in​ dog food. So,​ how do you​ know if​ the​ dog food you​ choose is​ right for your pet?

If you​ are like most dog owners,​ your goal is​ to​ keep your pet healthy while satisfying his appetite. But just like no two dogs are the​ same,​ there is​ no such thing as​ an​ ideal canine diet. Instead,​ owners should look take a​ studied look at​ their pets. Things such as​ species,​ activity level,​ age,​ and whether the​ dog is​ undergoing any physiological changes such as​ growth,​ pregnancy,​ or​ nursing should all be considered when deciding upon dog food.

Consider Nutrients
However,​ there are some basic rules of​ thumb. First of​ all,​ pick a​ high-quality dog food that is​ rich in​ nutrients,​ including energy,​ protein,​ essential fatty acids,​ vitamins,​ minerals,​ and water. Pay particular attention to​ the​ protein ratio. Typically,​ dog food with a​ 20 to​ 30 percent protein content is​ ideal.

To ensure your dog's health,​ choose a​ dog food that is​ easily digestible. a​ combination of​ wet and dry dog food will promote healthy teeth and gums. And while it​ is​ difficult to​ turn down a​ cute and hungry dog,​ be wary of​ overfeeding. Overfeeding can lead to​ obesity,​ which can cause a​ number of​ health problems in​ your dog. How do you​ know if​ you've been overfeeding your dog? Just try to​ feel his ribs. if​ you​ can't feel them,​ it's time to​ cut back a​ bit!

If your dog has special health or​ dietary issues you​ will want to​ make sure that the​ dog food meets your pet's special needs. Check with your veterinarian if​ you​ have questions. or​ look online for pet retailers who carry dog food. Many of​ their sites contain excellent articles and other information that can help you​ choose the​ right dog food for your pet.

High-Quality Pet Food Popular with Owners

One of​ today's popular trends is​ an​ increase in​ high-quality pet foods. as​ pets replace children and dogs become a​ part of​ the​ family,​ people who pamper their pooches tend to​ do so at​ mealtime as​ well. Just about every major brand of​ dog food is​ coming out with a​ high-end line,​ and there are also many smaller companies devoted to​ the​ manufacture of​ high-end,​ fresh,​ and healthy dog food. These meals are not only nutritionally balanced,​ they are delicious and nice to​ look at. Some dog foods are incorporating human-grade ingredients such as​ pasta,​ rice,​ vegetables,​ tuna fish,​ and peanut butter. Others are all-natural or​ organic.

Even the​ packaging on​ high-end dog food is​ different. Pouring dry kibble out of​ the​ bag just won't do anymore! Many high-end dog foods are now packaged in​ see-through deli containers. These are attractive but also functional. Owners of​ small dogs who can't eat the​ entire 10 oz. portion at​ once can reseal the​ container to​ keep the​ contents fresh.

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