How To Pick Free Advertising Methods That Produce Results

How To Pick Free Advertising Methods That Produce Results

To earn any kind of​ money on the​ internet we all need to​ do the​ same thing... generate traffic to​ a​ web page.

But not all traffic is​ equal. and​ while some methods to​ generate traffic for​ free are a​ pure waste of​ bandwidth, others will really help you to​ generate an​ income.

One easy question you should ask yourself when choosing a​ method to​ generate quality traffic is:

Would I pay attention and​ notice this kind of​ an​ ad myself?

If you answer that question with no or​ most likely not, than chances are that many others will also not notice your ad. and​ this means it's just a​ waste of​ bandwidth as​ people won't buy what they don't notice.

But if​ you can answer that question with yes or​ most likely, then chances are that many others will notice your ad as​ well. This method will in​ fact help you to​ generate an​ incom^e through quality traffic.

Now, let's take a​ closer look at​ several free advertising methods and​ evaluate their effectiveness.

1. List Building Tools

TheListMachine -

This free program allows you to​ advertise via email to​ twice as​ many people as​ you and​ your downline members have referred to​ this program.

The unique twist in​ this list building program is​ that it​ builds a​ second reverse matrix for​ you of​ people you couldn't contact otherwise. This way your possible exposure is​ increased easily.

Members receive email from their upline at​ their regular email account and​ not a​ secondary spam account like it​ is​ practice with safelists. This improves the​ chances of​ your message actually being read dramatically.

One downside of​ TLM is​ that you need initial traffic to​ build a​ list. But their unique twist allows you to​ double your efforts.

Ask yourself the​ question... do you read and​ pay attention to​ well written emails that arrive in​ your regular mailbox? My answer is​ most likely.

Other list building tools in​ alphabetical order are...

EzineFire -

ListBandit -

ListInferno -

ListJoe -

MyViralAds -

MyViralWebsite -

OptI^nStorm -

SubscriptionRocket -

2. Banner / Text Ad Exchanges

Banner / text ad exchange tools in​ alphabetical order are...

AdGizmo -

Banner Beast -

BannersGoMLM -

Don't-Touch-My-Ads -

EasyHits4U -

Hi-Traffic Ads -

MyViralAds -

MyViralWebsite -

3. Traffic Exchange Tools

AutoHitsNow -

This free program allows you to​ generate traffic to​ your web pages in​ exchange for​ you visiting other peoples web pages.

Usually any kind of​ auto surf program has the​ problem that most people will not even see your sites and​ this way they just waste your bandwidth.

AutoHitsNow tries to​ overcome the​ problem by offering more credits for​ manual surfing and​ a​ random, but rather often offering of​ bonus credits during surf sessions that you can only receive if​ you pay attention.

This easy method of​ generating traffic will only get the​ attention of​ some people. It's more or​ less a​ numbers game. Other traffic exchange tools in​ alphabetical order are...

EasyHits4U -

JacktenFourty Traffic -

MegaHits -

TopSurfer -

TrafficPods -

TrafficRoundUp -

TrafficSoldiers -

TrafficSwarm -

4. Publishing Articles

One of​ the​ best ways to​ get tons of​ free, super effective traffic is​ to​ write your own articles and​ publishing them all over the​ net.

To find free places that accept your articles, simply visit and​ search for: submit article for​ free

If you don't mind to​ invest a​ few $ to​ save yourself hours of​ work, then take a​ closer look at​ this tool that does not only allow you to​ submit your newsletter to​ hundreds of​ places all over the​ web, but also your articles: EzineAnnouncer -

5. Creating Content Web Pages

Search engine traffic is​ another very effective source of​ traffic and​ highly recommendable. Simply create as​ many content web pages as​ you can. the​ more pages, the​ more traffic you will get over time.

You can publish your own articles, product reviews, endorsements and​ much more on your own content web pages.

Tip: to​ get your new pages faster into Google, the​ most important search engine, get your home page added to​ at​ least one high Google PR page (see:

A low cost way of​ getting your own domain & hosting is​ GDI. for​ just $10 a​ month you don't just get all you need to​ get started to​ put your own content web pages online, but also an​ excellent way to​ earn yourself an​ extra incom^e.

A final tip: Once you got into the​ habit of​ using free methods of​ generating quality traffic you will find the​ following program very helpful. it​ allow you to​ promote everything from a​ single page...

Home-Income-Team -

I am sure that you agree that the​ lesser you have to​ promote, the​ easier and​ more effective it​ gets. :)

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