How To Maximize Your Online Casino Bonus A Case Study

How To Maximize Your Online Casino Bonus A Case Study

How To Maximize Your Online Casino Bonus: a​ Case Study
Do you want to​ know how to​ take the​ maximum advantage of​ the​ bonuses and promotions that the​ different online casinos offer? spills the​ secrets of​ exactly how you can do it! a​ case study released by showed the​ following scenario that utilizes the​ optimal strategy to​ leverage your casino deposit to​ your advantage .​
This technique will work on​ ALL online casinos not just .​
This is​ what happened with an​ ideal client in​ this case study:

1 .​
He fully read the​ casino bonuses and promotions page .​
This sounds like common sense,​ but it’s important to​ read the​ fine print .​
Many casinos offer a​ special terms of​ Service page for each individual casino bouns .​
Casinos make their money by giving you a​ promotional bonus and requiring you to​ gamble for just long enough so that in​ theory you lose your initial deposit and the​ bonus amount .​
This requirement is​ called the​ play through requirement .​
Knowing the​ play through requirement and the​ odds of​ the​ game you are going to​ play are important .​
Because if​ you can find a​ casino that offers a​ low play through requirement and high enough bonus you could (in theory) make money for as​ long as​ your eligible for the​ bonus.
2 .​
He emailed us and made sure that bonuses applied at​ other CWC platforms did not deny him a​ bonus at​ .​
In the​ case of​ other casinos,​ you have to​ be careful because there are sister casino sites that operate under the​ same business platform .​
When this is​ the​ case,​ you may not be eligible for the​ bonus if​ you were granted a​ bonus on​ their other sister casino site .​
Always email their customer service department .​
They will tell you .​
If they don’t then don’t play there .​
Also,​ if​ their customer service takes too long to​ get with you then don’t play there .​
Acceptable waiting times vary between individual .​
In my case I’m not willing to​ wait more that 24 hours for customer service to​ get back with me .​
In the​ case of​ you are eligible for ALL of​ our bonuses regardless if​ you currently are a​ player at​ another CWC Gaming based casinos .​
Many CWC based casinos are taking different stands on​ if​ they allow US players to​ gamble on​ their sites .​
You will have to​ check with each one yourself .​
3 .​
He analyzed the​ casino bonuses one by one and maximized his starting position .​
Almost all of​ the​ casinos offer an​ initial deposit bonus .​
Some even offer a​ second and third deposit bonus .​
On all of​ these promotions there are limits as​ to​ how much they allow as​ a​ bonus .​
In this case study the​ client played on​ all three deposit bonuses .​
First Deposit: 100% up to​ $150 .​
Needless to​ say his first casino deposit was $150 (via Neteller) Second Deposit: 50% up to​ $150 .​
His second deposit was $300 (via Neteller) giving him a​ bonus of​ $150 .​
Again,​ he maximized his bonus allotment .​
Third Deposit: 75% up to​ $75 .​
He deposited $100 (via Neteller) for a​ $75 bonus .​
In addition to​ the​ deposit bounses there was a​ Neteller deposit bouns .​
Neteller Deposit Bonus: Neteller bonus is​ a​ fixed 10% on​ all Neteller deposits .​
His total deposit was $550 .​
So his bonus was $55 .​
8 .​
He emailed again confirming his play through requirements and the​ terms and conditions of​ the​ wagering requirements for them to​ be considered fair gaming .​
In addition to​ the​ play rhough requirement there are requirements for the​ maximum allowable bet per hand .​
In his case we​ averaged all three deposits and his maximum bet is​ $46 per hand .​
If you did the​ same you'd have deposited $550 via Neteller $550,​ and have a​ total balance of​ $980 .​
(PLUS another $50 in​ value for the​ Bentley Key Code .​
Cash Balance: $550.00
Bonus Balance: $430.00
Total Balance: $980.00 (Almost doubled your money from the​ start)
Now with a​ low enough play though requirement and a​ casino game that’s not rigged more than the​ house advantage you may just make the​ play through requirement and keep the​ bonus that’s left over .​
One example is​ baccarat which has one of​ the​ best player advantages .​
Good luck on​ your online casino adventures!

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