How To Maximize The Benefits Of A Networking Event

How To Maximize The Benefits Of A Networking Event

How to​ Maximize the​ Benefits of​ a​ Networking Event?
Everyone needs to​ network: entrepreneurs, small business owners, job seekers!
But does everyone maximize the​ benefits of​ networking?
The purpose of​ networking is​ to​ build relationships so you will get leads from someone you know, or​ from someone who knows someone you know .​
When you attend a​ networking event the​ purpose is​ to​ meet business people from various industries to​ get exposure.

What networking is​ not?
Networking is​ not a​ numbers game; you need to​ focus on quality and​ not on quantity .​
Some people think that they had a​ successful event when they have collected 30, 40 or​ more business cards, but they are missing the​ real point .​
How many of​ these 30 or​ 40 people will you be able to​ follow-up? How many of​ these 30 or​ 40 will follow-up with you?
What is​ the​ purpose to​ collect a​ huge number of​ business cards that will end up in​ a​ shoe-box on one of​ your shelves?
Networking is​ not a​ place to​ sell .​
You have to​ be prepared to​ give your elevator pitch to​ introduce yourself, not give a​ sales pitch .​
If you attend an​ event expecting to​ find a​ client to​ close a​ sale right away, chances are you will be very disappointed .​
Furthermore the​ other attendees might not appreciate your attitude.
What networking is?
Networking is​ more than just shaking hands and​ collecting business cards .​
It is​ about building relationships and​ being committed to​ help other business professionals.
It is​ about the​ quality of​ your contacts and​ not the​ amount of​ your contacts .​
It is​ about consistency .​
The best is​ to​ belong to​ two or​ three groups, attend their events regularly, get to​ know the​ other members, and​ in​ exchange they will get to​ know you and​ trust you .​
When you see the​ same people over and​ over you develop a​ strong and​ relationship with them .​
The benefit of​ building relationships with a​ committed group of​ people will result in​ new leads for​ your business.
It is​ about patience .​
The benefit will not appear overnight, and​ this is​ why you need to​ follow up with your contacts .​
Networking is​ like dating, one meeting is​ not enough to​ know someone .​
It will probably take some time, some meetings, some lunches or​ some drinks before you really start doing business together.
Here are some tips on how to​ maximize the​ benefits of​ a​ networking event.
• Be prepared when you attend a​ networking event .​
Know your goals .​
Are you looking for​ leads, partners, new clients, services?
* Bring your business cards and​ a​ pen to​ take notes on the​ back of​ the​ cards you receive .​
* Have an​ effective 15 to​ 30 second elevator pitch .​
Learn how to​ sell yourself before your services or​ products .​
People want to​ hear about you first and​ when they know you and​ trust you, they will buy your services or​ refer you to​ someone else.
* Have a​ brochure and/or a​ web site .​
Some people will probably want to​ hear more about your business later, so give them the​ opportunity to​ get the​ information they are looking for.
* Meet people, ask about their business or​ services .​
Be curious and​ ask about them .​
people love to​ speak about themselves, so ask questions and​ listen to​ their answers.
* Be a​ problem solver .​
people will be more interested in​ you if​ you tell them how you can solve their problem instead of​ just hearing your story.
* Go to​ people; don’t wait for​ them to​ come to​ you .​
Some people are very shy, they will be very happy if​ you make the​ first move.
* Go to​ events with a​ friend, a​ colleague, a​ client, and​ introduce people to​ each other.
* Send a​ thank you note or​ email to​ your new contacts .​
Thank them for​ their time and​ reintroduce yourself in​ a​ few lines .​
They met lots of​ people during the​ event and​ your business card doesn’t say everything about you .​
So it​ is​ good to​ reinforce your introduction.
* Give them the​ link to​ your web site .​
Tell them about your newsletter, if​ you have one .​
This is​ the​ best way to​ stay in​ touch on a​ regular basis.
* Schedule follow-up meetings with the​ people you had a​ good connection with, or​ if​ you think that you can help each other.
* Do it​ again and​ again .​
You will see that networking can expand your contacts, which will definitely help grow your business.
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