How To Make Your Kitchen Cozy

How To Make Your Kitchen Cozy

When you shape the kitchen interior, the greatest problems are connected with drawbacks of​ planning and lack of​ space. Appropriately chosen kitchen furniture can resolve this situation, even more so that variety of​ models gives such an​ opportunity. The main thing is​ to​ imagine how your own kitchen "acts out", i.e. even on the stage of​ planning you are to​ foresee conformity of​ all objects and their sizes. Believe us, this will greatly facilitate the whole process, up to​ setting the last shelf in​ the dresser.

So, you have already made up the list of​ all kitchen equipment with indication of​ its size. Now pay attention to​ technical details, such as​ dimensions and location of​ the ventilation, pipes, wiring, sockets, flexible (gas, water-supply) hoses etc. Enter all necessary "stuffing" in​ your list - and you can set off for the shop to​ make your choice. if​ you are going to​ buy all elements of​ kitchen interior separately, don't forget that the standard depth of​ household appliances is​ 600 mm, so check in​ advance the parameters of​ the things you need.

The dominant is​ high storage cabinets for storing foodstuffs and high cabinets for storing inventory (brushes, brooms etc). it​ is​ necessary to​ remember that they should not break off the work surface and they should not be located on the "outskirts" of​ your kitchen field. if​ you prefer an​ inbuilt grill or​ oven, it​ is​ the high storage cabinet that will accommodate them without breaking the uniformity. Besides you can pick up the height of​ their location, so that it​ is​ convenient for you.

Now let's touch upon on-floor cabinets. They are the basis of​ your workspace, their height directly affects the extent of​ your hands' fatigue after cooking food, a​ great amount of​ drawers on rollers can help simplify reaching out for any object of​ kitchen interior that you need at​ the moment. We advise that you plan the space of​ on-floor cabinets in​ such a​ way, that the most frequently used objects could be easily accessed (pullout rotating shelves), while the rarely used dishware can be placed on the ordinary shelves.

A detail: trays and baking sheets can be conveniently settled in​ the plinth case under the on-floor table, which in​ fact, can have any width, depending on your requirements. if​ the height of​ the on-floor cabinet (preparation table) is​ not convenient for you, the plinth will add several centimeters, necessary for your accommodation and will relieve your hands and back of​ overstrain. Important: it​ is​ extremely comfortable to​ work while sitting, so if​ you decided to​ bring in​ something new to​ the interior and give yourself a​ treat, plan a​ pullout shelf under one of​ cabinets of​ work surface or​ get a​ high (bar) stool.

Overhead cabinets are to​ be located not less than 450 mm from the work surface, it​ is​ necessary, in​ order to​ accommodate freely all used electrical appliances (a food processor, a​ coffee-machine, a​ toaster etc). The height of​ standard cabinets is​ 600 mm, perforce you can buy 900-mm cabinets. They will exactly reach the ceiling in​ typical flats. Even if​ after all this, there are some things left and there is​ some vacant space on top, we finish the composition by entresol shelves up to​ the ceiling (open or​ closed ones) or​ a​ cornice with inbuilt lamps. Corner wall-mounted cabinets have either open shelves, or​ a​ folding door, which makes all the contents visible; the rotating shelf is​ remarkable for its capacity and convenience.

The distance between the work surface and overhead cabinets is​ called the apron. With regard to​ the work surface the main thing for the apron is​ to​ be in​ harmony with it​ as​ to​ colour and texture. For instance, a​ glossy table top and glazed tiles, mat colour of​ the work surface and mat apron (covered with mat washable wallpapers or​ imitation of​ tiles).

Such attention to​ the image of​ the apron is​ connected with the fact that it​ should protect the wall from dirtying, for example, from grease that can be easily washed off. The work surface is​ often overloaded with objects and their abundance induces the feeling of​ discomfort. We will free it​ with the help of​ the apron. Let's fix the microwave oven on brackets, arrange the parade of​ species on the miniature shelves and place the small metal items and knives on the magnetic panel. One more nuance: the decorative nook (plinth), made of​ water-resistant materials, will protect the back surfaces of​ on-floor cabinets from ingress of​ moisture.

When you place standard furniture, there may be narrow gaps between separate elements or​ between the furniture and the wall. Use them - put a​ narrow shelf or​ a​ table in​ this gap. For example, a​ movable table will increase the active surface and will be used as​ a​ serving table.

A narrow socle will prove useful for storing preparation plates, towels, bottles. Select the same materials for these inbuilt constructions as​ those used for main furniture. Kitchen furniture made from natural hard wood (oak, cherry, beech, nut-tree) and work surface from granite and marble look impressive and respectable.

Ultramodern directions of​ finishing are represented by metal surfaces (stainless steel, aluminum) and heat-resistant glass. Inexpensive surfaces can be made of​ laminated plastic, ceramic tiles, plastic. All these materials are rather practical and differ in​ the ways of​ installation and operation: laminated plastics is​ deformed by high temperatures, the tiles can crack as​ a​ result of​ unsuccessful landing of​ a​ heavy pan, plastic is​ vulnerable to​ scratches, but in​ contrast to​ laminated plastic it​ withstands high temperature almost without deformation. No kitchen can do without silent assistants, such as​ a​ gas cooker, refrigerator, sink. Selection of​ equipment depends only on you. When the kitchen is​ small, the equipment and sink are to​ be compact.

There are sinks of​ various shapes and dimensions; in​ our opinion, it​ is​ better to​ select a​ round sink made from stainless steel. it​ is​ smaller than the square one, yet everyone, who has ever used a​ round sink, will agree that it​ is​ more convenient for washing and cleaning, and besides it​ has a​ more aesthetic look.

It is​ very convenient, if​ the sink has additional ribbed trays for drying dishware, the water then does not spill on the surface of​ the table top and gradually trickles down to​ the sink. There are models, where the sink is​ combined with a​ drying apparatus, but if​ you have a​ dishwasher, you can do without a​ drying apparatus. Instead, choose a​ sink with two additional compartments for wetting cutlery and rinsing washed dishware. The drawback of​ the combined multisection sink is​ that it​ takes up too much space. if​ you have some room, buy a​ wider 800-mm table top instead of​ a​ standard 600-mm one. Then the part of​ the table top that adjoins the wall can be lifted for 15-20 mm - and you will have a​ convenient shelf. Besides under the table top you can have a​ special cavity 20 cm deep that will allow you to​ conceal drainage equipment. as​ a​ result, we get additional space under the sink, where you can put a​ dishwasher and arrange shelves for cleaners on the remaining space.

The main principle of​ placing the sink is​ convenience. it​ should not be located far from the gas cooker and be connected with it​ via a​ common work surface. if​ the kitchen is​ small and you planned it​ as​ a​ single line (please refer to​ the previous article), place the sink in​ the center, and refrigerator and the gas cooker on each side. a​ sink in​ the corner looks good in​ a​ big kitchen. The main advantage is​ economy of​ space. it​ is​ possible to​ plan a​ "kitchen island"; in​ this case the sink perfectly fits into the center of​ the composition.

One more "must" of​ the kitchen interior is​ the gas cooker. Modern cookers with burners and an​ oven have the same height as​ the furniture, that is​ why there are no problems with breaking off the sole horizontal work surface. Nevertheless, if​ the cooker does not match this parameter, it​ is​ preferable to​ choose models with a​ flap that closes the burners, when food has been cooked.

Inbuilt kitchen equipment is​ more expensive, yet more convenient. You can use any combination of​ equipment at​ your discretion. This principle is​ called "domino". The basic modules are gas and electric burners, an​ oven, a​ cooking panel. Delicatessen-lovers will install a​ grill, a​ deep-fryer, a​ steamer, a​ brazier. You are absolutely free in​ the flight of​ your fancy and can endlessly enrich your arsenal of​ kitchen innovations. Work with inbuilt models is​ practical, because you use minimum dishware and have maximum pleasure from cooking. Also important is​ the fact that cooker hoods are inbuilt as​ well, they absorb smoke and soot in​ the horizontal, but not vertical direction. a​ substantial drawback that prevents many people from buying inbuilt equipment is​ its high price.

A small fridge, as​ well as​ the washing machine, can be put under the work surface. if​ you need a​ big fridge, don't forget about the law of​ non-breaking off the work surface, when you place it.

So, you have taken care about all kitchen components, and in​ conclusion add to​ the interior some personal charm, because its "face" should reflect the traits of​ your personality.

Your imagination will prompt what elements of​ decor are relevant in​ your interior, these can be flowers, paintings, porcelain collections or​ just cute trifles. The designers of​ the best repair and construction companies will help you orientate in​ the endless variety of​ kitchen furniture and household appliances. With their help your kitchen will be not only convenient and cozy, but will also become a​ unique reflection of​ your personality.

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