How To Make Your Dog Appear To Be Incredibly Intelligent

Many people are under the​ mistaken assumption that commands need to​ be one syllable.



"Up" (in the​ car).

"Kennel up"

This is​ not an​ accurate understanding (or observation) of​ how dogs learn.

In my experience,​ dogs recognize sound patterns,​ rhythms and tonality. Have you​ ever noticed how your dog's ears perk up when you​ ask,​ "Do you​ want a​ cookie?" just as​ much as​ they do if​ you​ just say,​ "Cookie"?

Now,​ when you're out in​ the​ field,​ sometimes it's best to​ have commands that are only one syllable. However,​ for non-essential commands,​ I like to​ incorporate a​ bit of​ humor into my training.

For example,​ "Shake,​" becomes,​ "Slap me some skin,​ brotha,​" or​ "What's shakin',​ Mama?"

And,​ "Hup" (short for "Get in​ the​ truck,​") become,​ "Get your tookis in​ the​ truck."

"Kennel up,​" humorously becomes,​ "Get in​ the​ mansion."

"Bark" transforms into,​ "Who's your daddy?"

The command I use for "attack,​" becomes,​ "Easy." Short for "Take it​ easy." (This tends to​ fool the​ bag guy into thinking you've got an​ uncontrollably vicious animal. And tactically,​ it's not always beneficial to​ let a​ potential assailant know you're giving your dog the​ attack command).

When I put the​ food bowl down and make the​ dog wait for the​ release command,​ the​ normal "Free" or​ "Take a​ break,​" becomes "Chow time!" (The release command in​ this context is​ situational).

Anyway--the point is: Have fun with your training. Your dog doesn't inherently understand one word from another--he only gets the​ associations you​ create with each word. This is​ why you​ can train your dog in​ a​ variety of​ different languages,​ and your friends will think your dog is​ multi-lingual.

I once had a​ dog that spoke three languages. (Or understood three languages at​ least!)

And I'm not above lowering myself and my dog training for cheap laughs amongst my friends.

Meanwhile,​ they all think that the​ dog must be a​ genius. And trust me--your dog will have a​ big smile on​ her face as​ she soaks up all the​ attention,​ too.

That's all for now,​ folks!

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