How To Make Successful Advertising Plan

How To Make Successful Advertising Plan

How to​ Create a​ Successful Advertising Plan
Many factors have to​ be considered when making an advertising plan. Like the​ type of​ message to​ be delivered, the​ audience to​ be targeted, how they should be targeted, budget, etc. all of​ which depends on the​ nature of​ the​ advertisement.
Regarding the​ type of​ message to​ be delivered, try thinking from the​ point of​ the​ customer. What will impress him and​ catch his fancy. Note down points what the​ customer expects from the​ company and​ what advantage will he have when dealing with the​ company. Effort should be made to​ retain viewer or​ listener’s or​ reader’s interest in​ the​ advertisement until the​ end. This procedure is​ known as​ message selection.
After creating the​ outline of​ the​ picture, pick lines that will actually attract the​ customer. the​ message shouldn’t be long enough to​ bore the​ customer. Some advertisers are under the​ illusion that more the​ matter written, the​ better the​ message delivered. Usually they fear that they don’t miss out any information. This does nothing but decreases the​ effectiveness of​ the​ ad and​ customer is​ left unsatisfied.
For example, the​ heading of​ the​ advertisement shouldn’t be just We Sell Clothes, which is​ too precise. the​ liking of​ the​ people should be studied and​ the​ headline should be designed such that the​ customer feels that his needs are met. it​ should also take into consideration seasonal changes like if​ the​ season at​ that time is​ summer and​ there are lots of​ beaches around that area, the​ heading of​ the​ ad should be something like Summer Clothes for​ Sale or​ Get the​ heat off Buy Swimwear. the​ body of​ the​ advertisement should talk of​ the​ necessities to​ switch to​ summer clothes like cotton clothing. it​ should discuss the​ health point of​ view too, like cotton cannot be used as​ swimwear as​ it​ will cause contamination, therefore the​ swimwear is​ made of​ synthetic material. Also include lines about swimwear for​ overweight people.
Ads are either traffic builder or​ relationship builders or​ reputation builder. Suppose the​ budget involved is​ less, the​ target should be relationship builder. Because once the​ customers are established, they will start trusting the​ company and​ won’t switch to​ other companies. According to​ a​ research it​ takes ten percent less resources to​ retain existing customers than attracting new customer. if​ the​ focus is​ on brand recognition, the​ advertisement should be traffic building.
The next point is​ whether the​ advertiser wants quick results or​ long lasting results. if​ quick result is​ desired, then a​ time limit should be levied. Like in​ case of​ seasonal sales, the​ customer hurries to​ get advantage before the​ offer is​ over. So quick results are expected in​ this case. But the​ disadvantage with advertisement with time limit is​ that the​ customer are bound to​ forget about the​ product or​ the​ company within a​ short period and​ it​ doesn’t creates a​ deep impact on the​ minds of​ the​ customer.
Competing against rival company’s ad also contributes to​ a​ successful advertising plan. the​ power of​ the​ message should be compared to​ that of​ the​ competitors’. it​ doesn’t mean that the​ advertiser should use the​ same plan like his competitor, it​ would look like imitation and​ effectiveness will be decreased. But the​ advertisement should be planned smartly via a​ different and​ effective path, to​ outdo the​ competitor’s advertisement.
The description of​ the​ product is​ also very vital like suppose an advertisement is​ made for​ a​ restaurant, it​ will get customers immediately, if​ it​ is​ attractive. But if​ the​ advertisement is​ for​ a​ computer, it​ won’t yield immediate results, as​ it’s not every day that someone buys a​ computer. This is​ called analysis of​ the​ purchase cycle.
If targeting for​ a​ higher impact, newsletter is​ the​ best bet. But if​ the​ newsletters are sent to​ the​ real potential customers, then this approach should be adopted for​ message delivery. it​ should only be opted be after thorough analysis, no matter what the​ budget is. Another important point is​ to​ always hire a​ professional advertiser or​ an ad writer because not hiring one will sometimes be more expensive and​ results in​ more losses.

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