How To Make Money Online With Proper SEO

How To Make Money Online With Proper SEO

I have been to​ many forums and found that people like to​ do their own SEO initially and then give up later after they do not find reasonable results. I would suggest that they should keep on​ trying,​ until they really feel that their sales is​ directly dependent on​ their ranking in​ the​ search engines.
I have high respect for all the​ people who have achieved success using in-house/personal SEO and still are able to​ maintain there top spot for highly competitive keywords like digital camera software or​ photo software. the​ world of​ SEO has changed rapidly and so have the​ techniques. Now lets start with main subject that is​ "Making money online with SEO".
The first well-known fact:

Higher the​ traffic better the​ sales
It is​ a​ proven fact that among the​ billions of​ pages that are searched by search engines only a​ few make it​ to​ the​ top and these top 30 websites make the​ most business. Type in​ digital camera software for instance and you​ will understand what I mean. Do you​ remember how many times have you​ gone beyond the​ 3-4th page of​ your search page results? I would expect the​ same behavior from 99.9% of​ the​ Internet surfers as​ no one has the​ time to​ go beyond the​ top 30 listed pages. I am exaggerating when I say top 30 because mostly the​ top 10 get 75% of​ the​ hits. So if​ you​ are not at​ the​ top you​ are losing on​ a​ huge chunk of​ sales,​ unless you​ are advertising locally and are limited to​ a​ local business.

Google adwords is​ worth a​ mention at​ this point as​ millions use them and know their importance. the​ users of​ google adwords know that they will get listed at​ the​ top page (sponsored listing) for the​ specified keywords. However,​ they do not estimate the​ sales that they will make. They can easily do it​ in​ a​ month and then change their bid amount to​ be paying less in​ advertising on​ google. Being listed in​ the​ top page does not mean that you​ will end up with guaranteed sales. you​ need to​ have a​ real good sales page that will make the​ "buyer" feel the​ need to​ buy it. Remember it​ is​ all about making him feel that he needs it.

Search engine optimization will propel your page to​ the​ top 10 without having to​ pay for the​ adwords campaign that is​ a​ pay per click campaign and you​ might end up paying far more than your sales. Having said this if​ you​ choose the​ niche keywords for your campaign and have a​ good sales copy you​ are bound to​ make a​ lot out of​ the​ campaign. Out of​ thousands who click to​ your page at​ least 50 should buy your product.

The million-dollar question
How will you​ benefit from SEO? How much should you​ spend?
If you​ have a​ good product and at​ a​ reasonable price compared to​ competition and feel that you​ can garner enough sales once your website receives traffic SEO will benefit you​ by providing you​ with exposure for the​ chosen keywords ( a​ proper keyword analysis for searches per month for that chosen keyword) will be conducted by the​ SEO expert. Depending on​ the​ competition you​ have for those keywords the​ plan will be chalked out by him. Sometimes only on-page SEO may take you​ to​ the​ top however,​ nowadays SEO has become a​ popular career with many top websites spending huge amounts on​ SEO to​ be listed in​ the​ top.

Your expense should depend on​ how much sale you​ are bound to​ make. a​ proper estimation of​ this can be drawn after the​ first month that you​ are listed in​ the​ top 10. Your expense can range from any where between $250-$2500 depending on​ the​ competition you​ face.

Be careful while choosing an​ SEO firm or​ person as​ they can use spammed techniques that can get you​ banned from search engines.

How To Make Money Online With Proper SEO

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