How To Know When Your Dog Is Sick

How To Know When Your Dog Is Sick

Most dog owners will notice any sudden or​ odd changes in​ their dogs normal behaviour but it​ is​ useful to​ know the​ specific symptoms to​ watch out for.

If you​ dog shows symptoms of​ excessive drinking,​ sudden loss of​ appetite,​ continual vomiting or​ diarrhoea,​ or​ unusual lethargy then these should be obvious enough to​ raise your concern.

Discharge from the​ eyes or​ inflamed eyes,​ a​ shallow or​ rapid breathing pattern or​ perhaps persistent coughing can all be signs of​ something serious.

Typically when a​ dog is​ sick or​ ill they will show a​ raised temperature,​ indicated by a​ hot,​ dry nose. if​ your dog has a​ high temperature or​ even a​ very low temperature you​ should seek professional advice from your veterinarian.

Do be aware that a​ dog's temperature will be raised after strenuous activity or​ excitement and will not therefore be a​ reliable indication to​ its health.

If you​ are unsure you​ can take your dogs temperature yourself and this is​ taken rectally with a​ suitable thermometer. a​ dogs normal resting temperature is​ 101.5F,​ although if​ your dog is​ a​ hairless breed their temperature could be one or​ two degrees higher.

To take your dogs temperature choose a​ time when your dog is​ calm. you​ will need to​ ensure your dog is​ firmly held to​ prevent them from sitting down onto the​ thermometer. Smear the​ thermometer with vaseline or​ suitable lubricant and insert it​ into your dogs rectum about an​ inch.

Any reading above 102.5F or​ any reading below 100F should be regarded with concern and veterinarian advice should be sought.

If you​ known or​ feel your dog is​ ill make sure you​ keep them calm and display a​ reassuring manner until you​ get them to​ the​ veterinarian. Dogs can be very sensitive to​ your tone of​ voice and will pick up any worry or​ anxiety in​ your voice and manner.

Understanding your dogs needs and keeping a​ watchful eye for symptoms of​ sickness and ill health will ensure you​ can take swift action and ensure you​ dog is​ cared for sooner than later.

How To Know When Your Dog Is Sick

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