How To Know What To Pay For Web Design

How To Know What To Pay For Web Design

How do you know what to​ pay for​ web design? Do you go strictly on what you can afford or​ what you need? Web design is​ the​ creative presentation similar to​ the​ printed brochure, but that is​ where the​ similarity stops. Unlike a​ printed brochure, your web site is​ interactive. it​ is​ seen by millions of​ people. it​ is​ not limited to​ the​ hundred or​ even thousand that your sales people send and​ use as​ a​ leave behind after an​ in-person sales presentation. People visiting your website can respond instantly in​ ways other than a​ telephone call. Visitors can buy your products and​ services immediately. These are just a​ few of​ the​ differences.

Most people know about these differences. But when deciding what to​ pay for​ your website, these differences make a​ good yardstick. Another consideration is​ to​ weigh the​ outcome you want from your website.

1. Use your company brochure as​ a​ yardstick.

Let's not make this comparison using an​ investment in​ the​ popular tri-fold brochure. That's like comparing apples to​ oranges to​ use a​ tired old cliche. No, let's use your company's capabilities brochure. Say you ordered copywriting, graphic design and​ printing for​ a​ full-size 8 1/2 x 11 inch, 4-color brochure, 8 pages with a​ 4-page cover that weighs a​ bit more than the​ interior pages. This is​ a​ typical format. What do you suppose the​ cost is​ for​ your new capabilities brochure. $500? $800? $1200? if​ you own a​ capabilities brochure such as​ the​ one I just described, you know that the​ copy probably ran from $400-$800; graphic design $400 - $800; and​ 4-color printing and​ bindery $800 - $1200. Your total cost is​ from $1600 - $2800 and​ you haven't distributed one brochure to​ a​ potential buyer. Also, you have not factored in​ in the​ envelope cost, cover letter cost, enclosed business card cost, and​ postage. Yikes! it​ is​ starting to​ be clear just what a​ printed brochure can cost. Now, ponder on the​ redo costs if​ you need to​ make any changes to​ the​ copy, such as​ your telephone number, address, new products. it​ is​ a​ big bite out of​ the​ old apple, isn't it. You are going to​ need a​ complete redo and​ reprint. Ouch!

The investment in​ a​ website looks pretty good right now, doesn't it?

2. Now, let's look at​ the​ outcome you want from your website.

Sales! Most businesses have a​ website to​ support sales. Directly or​ indirectly. a​ standard brochure web design and​ development investment less than $2800 is​ going to​ have a​ higher outcome than that capabilities brochure. There's no doubt about it. But if​ you want to​ enable your web site to​ accept payment online, you're going to​ need a​ shopping cart. What about a​ way for​ people to​ signup for​ your mailing list. Do you want to​ add a​ newsletter to​ your site. Articles? Blog? RSS feed? Forum? Chat? Photo gallery?

These web enhancements turn your site into a​ unique landing place that people want to​ visit and​ buy from. Security features add credibility to​ further show visitors your business is​ real and​ can be trusted.

All these enhancements support your overall outcome to​ build sales revenue using the​ web as​ a​ new business channel. if​ that's your planned outcome, spare no expense to​ create the​ web site you need to​ deliver results: Your full-featured web site - loaded with special enhancements - suited for​ your particular business pay for​ itself ... easily. it​ is​ an​ investment, not a​ cost like your printed brochure.

When deciding on the​ funding you want to​ earmark for​ your website, keep in​ mind that it​ is​ a​ valuable business asset and​ profit center. Custom web design is​ an​ investment in​ future sales.

So how do you know what to​ pay for​ web design? Compare the​ investment to​ what you would pay for​ a​ capabilities brochure and​ then weigh the​ final outcome you want your web site to​ produce.

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