How To Keep Your Pit Bulls Attention While Dog Training

How To Keep Your Pit Bulls Attention While Dog Training

There are certain rules that you​ should follow every single time you​ work on​ training your Pit Bull Terrier. One of​ these things is​ making sure that you​ are training him in​ an​ area where there aren’t lots of​ distractions. Distractions can be an​ important tool used for training your Pit Bull Terrier,​ however it​ is​ important to​ get the​ basics down before doing so.

When your dog has mastered the​ basic commands that you've taught him and is​ excelling in​ his obedience training exercises without distractions,​ it​ is​ at​ this point that you​ can begin introducing outside distractions to​ challenge him more. Doing this is​ a​ great dog training strategy that will teach him to​ follow your commands even when there are other things going on​ around him.

Your ultimate goal is​ to​ have your Pit Bull obey your commands regardless of​ location or​ environment. as​ your dog progresses in​ his training,​ you’ll be able to​ give him a​ command in​ the​ middle of​ a​ crowded area and he’ll obey you. This is​ an​ important thing for not only his safety,​ but the​ safety of​ other people and animals as​ well. Having a​ well-trained dog can eliminate many of​ the​ horror stories you​ hear related to​ owning a​ dog.

You should also learn to​ prevent your dog’s mistakes by learning what makes him falter. For example,​ if​ you’ve given the​ sit stay command to​ your Pit and he starts to​ get up,​ correct him immediately so he learns. You’ll definitely know when he is​ getting ready to​ break the​ command by the​ signs he gives. He may bite or​ lick his paw,​ act uneasy and figity,​ etc. Whatever your dog does when his attention is​ beginning to​ stray,​ recognize it​ and work on​ regaining his attention.

How To Keep Your Pit Bulls Attention While Dog Training

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