How To Keep Email From Ruining Your Productivity

How To Keep Email From Ruining Your Productivity

Email is​ one of​ the greatest innovations of​ the online world, but if​ you’re not careful it​ will suck up your time, and be a​ far detriment to​ your business than a​ benefit.

Here are some tips for taming the email beast.

Turn it​ Off

During the day when you’re working, turn off your email client. You don’t need to​ be connected to​ everyone at​ all times of​ the day. if​ you leave your email client running while you’re trying to​ work, as​ soon as​ that next new message comes in, you’ll get distracted. The constant barrage of​ new incoming email will break you concentration and make a​ project that would normally take only an​ hour of​ focused attention take four or​ five times as​ long.

Check it​ Infrequently

Once you’ve managed to​ turn your email client off, resist the temptation to​ keep turning it​ back on all day. Checking your email once or​ twice a​ day is​ plenty – really.

Schedule Email Time

If you typically get a​ lot of​ email correspondence that you need to​ reply to​ throughout the day, then schedule half an​ hour or​ an​ hour as​ replying to​ email time. Take care of​ all the email you need to​ reply to​ at​ once. You’ll find that by being able to​ put your focused attention to​ taking care of​ email, your replies will be thought out better, and you’ll be able to​ get all of​ your email taken care of​ far more quickly and efficiently.

Spam Filters

A good spam filter really can be a​ productivity tool. Fortunately, they’re readily available and surprisingly accurate these days. Put one on your inbox so that you’re not spending your time trying to​ filter out all the spam before you ever start replying to​ the legitimate emails.

Get a​ Personal Assistant or​ Customer Support

If you really get a​ lot of​ email and a​ lot of​ it​ doesn’t require your personal attention – i.e. someone trained in​ your business could just as​ easily reply to​ it, then get yourself a​ personal assistant or​ customer support person who will take care of​ almost all the email and only forward the essential messages to​ you. This will free up your time to​ focus on far more important tasks like finding more customers and making money.

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