How To Keep Busy For Days In A Casino Without Gambling

How To Keep Busy For Days In A Casino Without Gambling

How to​ Keep Busy for Days in​ a​ Casino Without Gambling
Most modern casinos offer their patrons many different ways to​ spend their money other then playing craps,​ poker or​ blackjack.
If you are not very knowledgeable or​ are intimidated by the​ table games,​ you can always kill a​ few hours by playing the​ slot machines .​
The slots are fun and are not very stressful or​ hard to​ play,​ just drop in​ a​ quarter and hit spin.
Most casinos also offer video blackjack and poker as​ well so you don’t have to​ worry about looking foolish playing against better players.
Most casinos today also offer non gambling related activities for kids and those of​ us who do not wish to​ gamble such as​ shopping.
If you love to​ shop then you should warm up your credit cards because many casinos also have some of​ the​ finest clothing and jewelry shops available .​
The reason for that is​ if​ you win some cash they hope you will spend it​ in​ their shops,​ casinos are also usually built around populated areas where you can take the​ car and take a​ short 5 or​ 10 minute drive and be in​ the​ local city,​ where you have access to​ local shops and malls full of​ great shopping centers.
Maybe you are in​ the​ mood to​ see a​ comedian or​ a​ famous singer,​ because many of​ them tour the​ different casinos and perform shows there .​
The casinos will usually offer free tickets to​ their shows to​ big spenders in​ the​ casino,​ so if​ your wife or​ husband has been playing and winning or​ losing lots of​ money there is​ a​ good chance you can see a​ free show.
If you are looking for things to​ do with the​ kids then look no further .​
If the​ casino does not have amusements for the​ kids,​ then there is​ a​ good chance the​ casino is​ located near an​ amusement park .​
The casinos open in​ these areas to​ make it​ more attractive to​ family's on​ vacation .​
You can spend the​ day taking the​ kids out and then sneak down to​ the​ casino after they fall asleep in​ the​ room.
Depending on​ what time of​ year it​ is​ and where the​ casino is​ located there may be an​ outdoor pool you can lounge around get some sun and have a​ swim .​
Or maybe the​ indoor pool and spa may suite your needs better where you can swim some laps after having had a​ workout in​ the​ casinos gym .​
Then you can even get a​ massage from fully licensed masseuse before getting ready for one of​ the​ casinos fine restaurants,​ and if​ that does not suite the​ family most casinos also offer more family friendly restaurants as​ well as​ a​ few fast food places.
The casinos are not fools they realize that not everyone will enjoy a​ vacation that consists of​ sitting for 8 hours a​ day at​ a​ blackjack or​ poker table,​ and to​ cater for this crowd they have loaded their hotels with other activities so the​ entire family can enjoy their vacation,​ even without gambling.

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