How To Increase Web Traffic Daily

How To Increase Web Traffic Daily

I - Introduction
II - Web Directories
III - Search Engines - Rankings
III - Link ahoy!
IV - Messageboards and​ Forums
V - Conclusion

I - Introduction

The one thing that webmasters wish for​ is​ a​ steady flow of​ web traffic to​ their website.

My aim with this article is​ to​ give you a​ few ideas for​ bringing web traffic to​ your website. Once your web traffic is​ up and​ flowing, what you do with the​ web traffic is​ up to​ you.

First and​ foremost, web traffic mainly comes from the​ following areas; in​ no particular order
1. Web Directories
2. Search Engines
3. Link ahoy!
4. Discussion Boards/Forums

We go into each of​ these in​ detail below.

II - Web directories

A web directory is​ not my favorite medium for​ building web traffic; but it​ can be useful to​ build PR which can help to​ achieve better rankings in​ the​ Google Search Engine. PR (range of​ 1-10) is​ one of​ the​ factors Google uses to​ rank its results when someone does a​ search. Basically, with a​ higher PR; it​ is​ believed that your listing should rank better than those with other PR.

With a​ quick overview about PR; PR is​ determined by how many backlinks you have, and​ the​ quality of​ those backlinks. the​ more backlinks you have from quality websites you have, the​ higher PR you will generate; and​ as​ a​ result; better rankings.

Thats the​ beauty about some web directories and​ link pages. According to​ how high the​ PR values are for​ the​ webpage where you want to​ place your link; your webpage PR value would increase. if​ you could manage to​ get many links on various PR6 websites for​ example; your PR value should increase and​ your rankings should get better and​ should drive more traffic.

How to​ find web directories you ask? Its a​ simple task: All you need to​ do is​ to​ go to​ and​ type in​ your keyword and​ the​ word directory for​ example, if​ the​ keyword was 'Cat', the​ search term would be ‘Cat directory’ are various Cat directories should come up.

III - Linkahoy!

Ebaumsworld is​ a​ very popular website for​ finding jokes. it​ currently enjoys over 750, 000 unique visitors a​ month. Yet, on typing ‘jokes’ and​ performing a​ search, ebaumsworld is​ not present in​ the​ top 100 results. How then can Ebaumsworld enjoy so much web traffic a​ month?

Ebausmsworld mainly achieves this through backlinks. Interestingly enough, on doing a​ backlink count with Google, Ebaumsworld chalked up 9,550 in​ backlinks.

Now lets face reality:
Manually creating 9,550 backlinks by manually going to​ web pages and​ submitting your link is​ a​ very tiring task.

The only way to​ create so many genuine backlinks is​ by having GOOD CONTENT.

After studying major websites, I've found that they are two great ways of​ creating this:

1 Media/Downloads
2. Articles

With, their key is​ loads of​ media, not necessarily article writing.
Web surfers are attracted to​ downloads and​ media in​ general; It’s a​ much welcomed difference to​ all of​ the​ text found on web pages.

Once you start to​ create a​ number of​ articles and​ media/downloads, you will find that persons start to​ visit your website more regularly to​ check for​ more media/downloads; Your web traffic will increase especially when the​ articles and​ downloads are really great ones.

The added advantage with articles as​ well, is​ that you can post them on other related websites. By doing this, you can create numerous backlinks by including your link at​ the​ end of​ your article.

Search engines love Article content; but we’ll go more into Search Engines in​ the​ next section.

IV -Search Engines

Search engines are great for​ driving web traffic if​ you can get into about the​ top 30 results for​ popular search terms. With Google, rankings depend largely on backlinks and​ PR.

In addition to​ these two variables; another variable is​ Onpage Optimization.

Onpage optimization is​ basically the​ editing of​ your HTML code so that its ideal for​ placement in​ search engine results.

This editing may including the​ editing of​ meta tags, descriptions, keywords and​ content realignment.

Quick tips for​ Onpage optimization for​ web traffic

1. Use H1 header tags

Make sure that this tag contains your keyword.
An example for​ Cats would be

Cat land

2. Use H2 tags.

Largely taken as​ a​ subheading, make sure this also contains your main keyword;

3. Evenly spread keywords

Also, with regards to​ the​ content, try to​ make reference to​ your keyword regularly, but not too often. Try to​ mention it​ evenly throughout the​ document. This is​ where the​ article writing from the​ previous sections comes in​ handy. With your articles, make sure that

There are numerous other Onpage Optimization tips I can give you, but I go into that more in​ the​ Optimization tips article HERE.

V - Discussion Boards/Forums

Discussion forums are a​ great way to​ get your message out and​ generate even more web traffic.

To find these forums use your keyword and​ the​ word 'forums' with

For example, ‘Cat forums’. Make sure that you keep a​ log of​ all of​ them. You’ll want to​ be making regular posts here.

On registering, try to​ include your URL and​ a​ brief description of​ your website in​ your signature. if​ you make regular posts on the​ forums, and​ change signatures every once in​ a​ while to​ reflect what’s going on at​ your website, you will have a​ steady stream of​ visitors.

For example, an​ example signature could be ‘ – ‘How to​ make cats happy’ article just posted 12/34/04’.

On these boards, you will also realize that there are several recurring questions new persons ask.

With reference to​ the​ Cats forums; there may be a​ question which you find reoccurs 'How should I groom my Cat?'.

If you can create an​ article to​ answer each of​ these questions, you can always post the​ link to​ your article everytime a​ newbie asks question. This will drive fresh users to​ your website and​ once your website has in​ great content; will ensure repeat user and​ more web traffic.

V1 - Conclusion

There are always new ways of​ finding means of​ developing web traffic. Offline promotion such as​ developing business cards can also help. You've only just begun your journey! the​ last thing I want to​ say is​ that fresh content ALWAYS brings return vistors; keep adding content; and​ your visitors will return time after time.

With that said I wish you all the​ best with your web traffic quest!

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