How To Increase Traffic Through Social Networking Sites

How To Increase Traffic Through Social Networking Sites

Nowadays, Social networking sites popularity is​ increasing day by day like facebook, myspace, orkut, digg etc…., we can say social networking is​ one of​ the​ best and​ free ways for​ increase traffic on our site. Social networking is​ important in​ blogging and​ if​ you can’t do social networking then it’s a​ rare chance that you’ll be successful in​ blogging. Leaving comments and​ trackbacks is​ part of​ social networking. Apart from that is​ part of​ one of​ the​ popular Social news networks.

(1). Increase traffic through Friends
Friends are the​ heart of​ the​ social networking attitude, and​ when promoting content this can be a​ valuable tool in​ viral marketing. the​ more friends you have in​ your network, the​ more visibility you will have when promoting.

(2). Increase traffic through Blogs
Blogs are one more great way to​ spread the​ word, most blogs allow you to​ post nameless comments. I use these blogs to​ post a​ comment then I include a​ link to​ one of​ my sites. I achieve a​ free back link for​ simply commenting on a​ story.

(3). Increase traffic through Picture Perfect
You may not understand it, but by passing on uploading your picture, you are also passing on an​ opportunity to​ get more people clicking on your articles. Why? Well, for​ one, it​ is​ known that spammers never take the​ time to​ upload a​ picture. Second, it​ is​ called ’social’ networking and​ ’social’ bookmarking sites. if​ you are trying to​ be ’social’ then you should put a​ face to​ your name.

(4). Increase traffic through Profile Pages
If you are a​ keen online social network's, you will have a​ pimped out profile page. Here are a​ few examples of​ how you can increase visibility to​ your content. On my profile pages at​,,, and​ I have links to​ all my social network profiles & personal projects. This does 2 things; increases my link back total to​ my projects and​ shifts visitors to​ my other profile pages so I get more friends! to​ promote your RSS feeds via your profile pages, the​ service displays recent RSS activity and​ the​ service is​ free. Another service you find interesting is​, a​ service that tracks and​ stores your social networking traffic. the​ service simply puts an​ image on your profile and​ counts the​ total amount of​ visitors per day, month and​ year.

(5). Increase traffic through bulletin
Bulletins use your friends list, basically the​ more friends you have the​ more views your bulletins receive. Common sense! Some people use bulletins way to​ much and​ if​ I grasp these spammers they get deleted ASAP. So my advice is​ to​ use this angle a​ few times a​ month and​ keep them simple, this raw move toward keeps the​ bulletins friendly and​ not to​ over bearing.

(6). Increase traffic through Content
Nothing is​ more important than content. if​ you are a​ good writer and​ you write about interesting topics, you are going to​ do well on the​ social networking sites. People seem to​ like top 10 lists, top 20 lists, etc. I suggest that you look at​ to​ see what gets the​ most diggs. I have failed multiple times on getting a​ post digged or​ stumbled, even when I thought that it​ was the​ best article ever. You don’t always win.

(7) Increase traffic through clipart and​ screensavers
If you have some skills in​ this direction then try creating clipart and​ screensavers. Offering these for​ free is​ also a​ good way to​ get more traffic.

Finally, make sure that you are part of​ a​ few of​ the​ more popular social networking websites. These memberships will be only destined to​ build your own network and​ not of​ overt marketing. as​ your social network grows you can invite your contacts to​ join you on the​ social networking website. This should start a​ sequence reaction that will get them inviting their own contacts and​ so on. Finally your network will grow to​ a​ point where it​ becomes truly helpful.

Written by Cindy Battye

How To Increase Traffic Through Social Networking Sites

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