How To Have A Safe And Comfortable Sleep Inside Your Tent

How To Have A Safe And Comfortable Sleep Inside Your Tent

You’re addicted to​ camping but when cold weather steps in, you have to​ debate with yourself whether to​ endure the cold and the sleepless nights in​ the tent just to​ be able to​ do the thing you love most or​ be stuck in​ the house, feeling sad but comfortable in​ front of​ the fire place.

Fortunately, cold season does not have to​ mean bad camping experience anymore. There are ways you can do to​ ensure that you get yourself a​ safe and comfortable sleep inside your tent during a​ camping trip in​ cold weather.

One way to​ do just that is​ of​ course to​ bring the right kind of​ tent. Any experienced camper will tell you that winter camping tents are more suitable in​ giving you protection from the cold. You can also opt for four season camping tents which are great to​ be used all year round.

Aside from that you have to​ equip yourself with a​ reliable and cozy sleeping bag that offers thermal efficiency as​ well as​ insulation. This will be helpful in​ enabling you to​ easily doze off to​ dreamland after a​ while.

It is​ also very important that even though you have a​ sleeping bag, you place a​ barrier between you and the ground. You can place your sleeping bag or​ inflatable mattress on top of​ a​ foam sleeping pad which will give you utmost insulation.

Be sure to​ wear warm and comfortable clothing to​ sleep. Wearing jackets, sweatshirt, jogging pants, socks and hats will give you heat as​ you doze off to​ sleep. Drinking hot milk or​ chocolate before sleeping may also help. This will rid of​ your inner body chill and calm your senses as​ you go to​ sleep. Another thing you can do is​ to​ listen to​ soothing sounds and melodies that will easily lull you to​ a​ nice trip to​ dreamland.

Of course, don’t forget to​ heat up your tent. Bring a​ dependable and easy to​ use heater that is​ specifically designed to​ be used in​ enclosed areas. Such heater like those from Coleman which operates on clean-burning propane, are safe to​ be used inside your tent. The Coleman ProCat™ Portable Catalytic Heater for example will eliminate the chill in​ the air and give the inside of​ your tent a​ cozy and homey ambiance, enabling you to​ get your good night sleep.

Having a​ comfortable sleep is​ not what you only have to​ make sure of. More importantly, you have to​ ensure of​ your safety at​ all time even during the wee hours of​ the night. That is​ why it​ is​ imperative that you practice safety precautions in​ using heaters. For one, always allow for ventilation. Never seal your tent completely or​ else risk exposing yourself to​ Carbon Monoxide which all catalytic heaters emit a​ trace of. Always leave a​ vent, window, door even partially open to​ allow moisture and stale air to​ flow out and fresh oxygen to​ circulate back in.

It is​ also important that you keep your Coleman heater at​ least two feet away from any object that could be burned or​ melted even though its flameless heat won’t instantly start a​ fire. It’s always better to​ be on the safe side. it​ is​ recommended to​ place your portable heater on top of​ a​ cooler so it’s safely off the tent floor and has ample circulation.

Remember that it​ is​ strongly recommended that you don’t leave your heater on while sleeping. It’s better that you heat up your tent warm enough and turn it​ off before sleeping and then turn it​ back on when you wake up the next morning.

One of​ the things that make camping a​ great vacation experience is​ when you get a​ comfortable, relaxing and safe sleep.

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