How To Have A Great Chicago Shopping Experience

How To Have A Great Chicago Shopping Experience

Want to​ find the​ latest pair of​ fashionable Lucky Brand Jeans? Looking for​ a​ kitschy Chicago souvenir? Hoping to​ find that perfect sexy piece of​ La Perla lingerie or​ a​ pair of​ authentic Ferragamo shoes? or​ maybe you are simply in​ the​ city to​ enjoy the​ ambience of​ big city shopping and​ are curious about those one-of-a-kind deals that come with perusing the​ various Chicago boutiques and​ State Street retailers.

Whatever the​ reason, you've definitely made the​ right decision to​ visit Chicago, a​ world-class destination for​ shopping. the​ city's "Magnificent Mile" area boasts of​ diverse retailers, four multi-level malls anchored by classic department stores such as​ Bloomingdales and​ Nordstrom, exceptional dining experiences, and​ extraordinary hotel accommodations. "Oak and​ Rush" streets feature a​ refreshing mixture of​ couture shops and​ high-end boutiques with prestigious brand names like Kate and​ Jack Spade, Jimmy Choo, Prada, and​ Hermes (just to​ name a​ few!). Not to​ be outdone, the​ center of​ Chicago neighborhoods, "State Street", offers various specialty retailers for​ those shoppers looking for​ a​ bit more affordable shopping experience.

There are many other shopping excursions to​ venture out on while you are in​ Chicago. Don't just stay downtown. Live a​ little and​ take a​ quick taxi ride or​ El ride into one of​ the​ many Chicago neighborhoods and​ shop with the​ locals. if​ you are a​ hip designer conscious shopper who absolutely adores trendy, vintage, and/or alternative digs, then the​ Bucktown and​ Wicker Park boutique circuit is​ a​ must do! Casa de Soul, Eurotrash, Scoop NYC, and​ the​ Silver Room are just a​ few of​ the​ stops along the​ way. Lakeview has its shopping highlights as​ well. Gramaphone Records carries vinyl copies of​ rare and​ imported dance, rap, and​ various commercial records. Century Shopping Center is​ your typical mall that went through a​ recent renovation in​ 1999, however, the​ best feature is​ its fine arts theater that shows various independent films on seven screens. Boystown (which is​ East Lakeview) primarily caters to​ gay men and​ the​ area features many themed shops. Oh, and​ if​ you're in​ for​ a​ day trip, Chicago (well suburban Schaumburg and​ Boilingbrook) has two IKEA locations!

Chicago shopping has a​ lot to​ offer! Unfortunately, you just can't do it​ all in​ one day. in​ an​ effort to​ have a​ more pleasurable experience, please take in​ consideration the​ following:

1. How many dedicated shopping days do you have?
2. What is​ your shopping objective?
3. What is​ your shopping budget?
4. Are you going solo or​ are you shopping with friends, family, or​ even children?
5. Transportation? Parking is​ not cheap even if​ you do find a​ meter! Public transportation or​ taxi, if​ your budget allows, is​ better for​ the​ serious shopper.
6. Where is​ your hotel located?
7. Eating out or​ packing a​ lunch?
8. You absolutely must have comfortable shoes! There will be a​ lot of​ walking involved.

So, hit the​ sidewalks, be brave, fight those crowds, and​ find what you're looking for…right in​ Chicago.

RC Williams is​ a​ freelance writer and​ editor. She is​ a​ music fanatic and​ is​ passionate about writing, reading, arts and​ entertainment, and​ of​ course, shopping!

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