How To Get Massive Free Advertising With Ezines

How To Get Massive Free Advertising With Ezines

For the​ netrepreneur seeking targeted free and​ low-cost advertising, ezines are an​ excellent resource. Using the​ following strategies you can get hundreds of​ dollars worth of​ ezine advertising on an​ ongoing basis, absolutely for​ free. You can also use these resources to​ structure an​ advertising campaign to​ fit your budget.

Before you get started, make sure you set up a​ special email address just for​ your ezine subscriptions - this will be very important to​ help you stay organized. Be careful about using a​ web-based email account, if​ you go out of​ town or​ miss a​ few days, there’s a​ chance it​ might fill up too quickly. if​ your emails start bouncing, your ads will not run. if​ you do not have access to​ a​ separate email alias from your current ISP and​ need to​ set up a​ free web-based account, it’s best to​ use one with a​ large amount of​ storage space, such as:

To get started with your free ezine advertising campaign, first visit:

This is​ a​ free service you can use once every three months to​ get your classified out to​ over one million subscribers.

Submitting your classified to​ the​ service above is​ just the​ beginning of​ your new free advertising strategy. When you use this service, you will be automatically subscribed to​ many excellent ezines. a​ number of​ them offer free weekly classifieds to​ subscribers, so your next step is​ to​ read through the​ ezines, looking for​ the​ directions provided as​ to​ how and​ where to​ submit your next free classified.

If you’re the​ organized type, here’s where you might start making note of​ which ezines offer ongoing free ads, and​ tracking your ad submissions. After your ad is​ published, you can record it’s publication date also.

Each ezine will have different specifications for​ the​ size of​ your classified. You will need to​ format your ad to​ a​ certain amount of​ characters per line, and​ a​ certain amount of​ lines. it​ will help if​ you set up a​ text file with multiple versions of​ your ad formatted to​ the​ varying guidelines. There are several great resources you can use you can use to​ make sure each line is​ a​ certain amount of​ characters. You can use this online text editor, simply enter your ad copy and​ specify the​ number of​ characters per line:

Or you can download this free software (NoteTab Light) and​ format the​ characters per line on your computer:

Next, you can find more ezines which offer free ads, some only for​ new subscribers, others on a​ regular basis.

The links below contain ezines which offer free advertising:

You can also search through various ezine directories to​ find more ezines to​ subscribe to, such as:

Now that you're subscribed to​ a​ wide variety of​ ezines and​ have your ongoing free classified ads, you have another great opportunity to​ get even more high quality free advertising, such as​ free banner ads, top and​ bottom sponsor ads, solos, and​ more. as​ you take the​ time each day to​ go through your subscription inbox, you will find tons of​ contests you can enter to​ win advertising.

If you take the​ time to​ diligently enter every contest, you may find yourself winning high quality free advertising once or​ twice a​ week!

Another great benefit of​ being subscribed to​ multiple ezines and​ actively reading them is​ that you will sometimes find the​ publishers sending specials and​ discounted advertising rates straight to​ your inbox that you would not have access to​ if​ you had just ordered an​ ad without subscribing.

You can track the​ results of​ all of​ your ads to​ test different ad copy and​ see what is​ pulling the​ most, and​ which of​ your ezines are performing the​ best. This will give you a​ real headstart when you want to​ order some paid advertising.

Subscribing to​ many ezines is​ an​ excellent business strategy for​ gaining ongoing free advertising, winning additional free advertising, testing your ad copy, discovering which ezine subscribers are most receptive to​ your offer, and​ accessing valuable discounted advertising rates. So subscribe, and​ invest a​ few minutes to​ go through your inbox daily. Your attention will pay off. the​ time you spend will be a​ worthy investment.

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