How To Get Improved Search Engine Rank Using Squidoo And SEO

How To Get Improved Search Engine Rank Using Squidoo And SEO

If you​ know how to​ use Squidoo to​ achieve improved search engine rank of​ your web pages,​ then you​ have a​ tool at​ your disposal that can be just as​ powerful as​ using traditional search engine optimization,​ if​ not more so.

One important facet of​ your Squidoo lens is​ that it​ could be listed on​ Google,​ or​ any of​ the​ other search engines,​ for your major keywords,​ and you​ should not lose sight of​ any promotional techniques that provides you​ with free exposure on​ search engines. if​ you​ Blink your Squidoo lens,​ you​ can win every way. Not just with Blinklist,​ but you​ can have it​ listed on​ just about every social networking site you​ can think of,​ Technorati and included. Also Furl,​ Craigslist,​ Stumbleupon and any of​ the​ many others out there.

For those not totally aware of​ what Squidoo is,​ I don’t intend to​ go into the​ ethos of​ the​ site right here,​ other than to​ state that it​ can be used as​ a​ promotional tool as​ well as​ a​ being a​ virtual website. Your lens can also be given a​ Google PageRank. you​ can you​ use your Squidoo lens in​ place of​ a​ minisite in​ order to​ promote yourself and your product,​ and improve your search engine listing. you​ can use it​ as​ a​ showcase for your products,​ your blogs or​ even your websites,​ and draw traffic to​ it​ and hence to​ those other online ventures you​ are involved in.

In order to​ use Squidoo as​ a​ promotional tool for your main website you​ have to​ know a​ lot about the​ topic of​ your site. it​ is​ not a​ tool to​ use to​ sell an​ affiliate product,​ for example,​ unless you​ are an​ authority on​ that product. However,​ if​ you​ have written a​ book on​ a​ certain aspect of​ SEO,​ and want to​ advertise it,​ then Squidoo is​ ideal for that. the​ reason is​ that you​ can give in​ order to​ earn. Hence,​ Squidoo is​ great for me,​ because I can provide visitors to​ my lens with useful information on​ SEO,​ while at​ the​ same time advertising my SEO site that offers my product. I then get visitors and a​ link from Squidoo,​ both of​ which are great for my search engine rank,​ and also listing position.

It might be possible just to​ advertise the​ product directly,​ but I prefer to​ provide information. That allows your visitors to​ become confident that know what you​ are talking about,​ and are not just a​ ‘fly by night’ that is​ trying to​ sell a​ product that you​ know nothing about. the​ objective of​ Squidoo is​ to​ provide useful information on​ topics to​ others interested in​ that topic. if​ they go to​ Squidoo and click on​ a​ category,​ they should be able to​ find all the​ info they are looking for.

They don’t want outright adverts,​ but if​ they find that you​ are providing good information,​ then they might want to​ visit your website. you​ give them the​ link to​ do so,​ and then they get more information. Part of​ that might be the​ offer to​ purchase your product that will possibly solve their problem. However,​ neither you​ nor they know that it​ will,​ so you​ provide them with a​ guarantee that if​ it​ doesn’t work for them,​ they get their money back. you​ have used Squidoo to​ persuade them that you​ know what you​ are talking about,​ that led them to​ your site and more information,​ and then to​ your product. They buy it,​ try it,​ and if​ it​ works fine. if​ not,​ they get refunded. in​ my book that is​ the​ proper way to​ conduct business,​ and you​ can use Squidoo to​ help you​ with that.

You can also optimize your lens for maximum search engine listing position,​ since your Squidoo lens should be based upon a​ single keyword or​ keyphrase to​ enable you​ to​ get a​ good listing. you​ can SEO a​ lens just as​ you​ can do a​ web page,​ and with the​ same effect. Free organic traffic from your listing position.

To achieve all that,​ sign up for Squidoo,​ follow their instructions and get your first lens up and running,​ and then use it​ to​ promote your regular website and improve its ranking. you​ must also make sure that you​ customers have an​ out if​ it​ doesn’t work for them. Squidoo provide lots of​ help in​ designing your first lens,​ but if​ you​ already have website then you​ should find it​ easy. Optimize your lens for the​ search engines and you​ are all set.

By combining your web page,​ lens and blog optimization,​ and cross-promoting each in​ an​ intelligent way,​ it​ is​ difficult to​ see how you​ could fail to​ get high search engine listings and improved search engine rank using Squidoo and SEO.

How To Get Improved Search Engine Rank Using Squidoo And SEO

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