How To Get Great Web Design Done Fast

How To Get Great Web Design Done Fast

So you need to​ get a​ web site done quickly? Here are a​ few tips to​ keep in​ mind:

1. Define the​ Job.

What do you want the​ site to​ do? Successful projects are ones where the​ intent is​ well-defined. Avoid going off half-cocked buying software or​ services you don't need. Changes mid-build can be very expensive; just like building a​ bricks-and-mortar house!

2. Suit the​ Design to​ the​ Purpose.

Do you just want a​ simple site, like a​ placeholder? Do you want something even an​ amateur can edit? or​ do you want a​ CMS with Ajax and​ a​ coffee maker?

A super-simple site: Use a​ text-to-html generator to​ create web pages from text files. Then use an​ index generator to​ make an​ index HTML page of​ these files. Tart these pages up in​ a​ WYSIWYG web page editor. Then FTP upload them to​ your webhosting account. Voila! a​ super-simple web site.

What, you want something fancier?

Get a​ web hosting account with Cpanel and​ Fantastico. Look for​ the​ 'Wordpress' option in​ Fantastico, and​ install it. Then get a​ search-engine optimised theme for​ your blog; the​ default install isn't search-engine friendly.

Hey presto, you've got a​ Web 2.0 site! Blogs are good because Google likes them, and​ you can edit them easily from their admin panel.
Want something more complicated? Consider using a​ freelance.

3. Use Freelances for​ Jobs You Lack the​ Skills For.

Is your budget tight? Try or​ the​ key to​ getting the​ best work is​ to​ a) be a​ specific as​ possible as​ to​ what you want and​ b) write your specification in​ simple, concise terms. Your work will likely be done by someone who's first language is​ not English. Most people give a​ vague specification and​ get work they're not happy with.

Pick someone who's had a​ lot of​ favourable reviews recently. Pay in​ stages. Use the​ freelance site's escrow service. Don't expect to​ get more than you paid for, and​ don't be cheap; if​ someone does a​ good job, they deserve a​ bonus, not carping.

4. Promotion is​ as​ Important as​ Content.

A site can only be good if​ people know about it. Promotion on the​ internet is​ mainly a) 'Word of​ mouth' and​ b) Links. the​ latter help you site move up the​ Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). So you need a​ site which has something people really want (which will generate word of​ mouth) and​ backlinks to​ get free search engine traffic.

Links can be garnered from free articles, press releases and​ submitting your site to​ a​ few directories. Fire them off, then forget about them.

5. the​ More You Learn, the​ Better, But ...

It's good to​ learn how the​ software works. You can customise it, or​ fix it​ if​ it​ goes wrong. You can talk to​ a​ developer in​ his language.

But ...

Try to​ keep your eyes on the​ prize; the​ end goal of​ the​ project. Avoid getting bogged down in​ minutiae. the​ internet if​ full of​ geeks living in​ their mom's basement who know the​ ins and​ outs of​ every software you can think of. Their bosses are the​ ones making the​ _real_ money.

Focus on the​ end goal; you'll make better decisions and​ the​ getting there will be much less stressful.

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