How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

It's not just a​ matter of​ getting enough hours, it's what you do with them that counts. Give your beauty routine a​ wake-up call and you're guaranteed to​ look better by morning. it​ all starts with a​ good night's rest.

Tub Therapy - You need more than seven hours sleep or​ stress hormones rise. This causes skin dehydration, pastiness and puffiness. Have a​ bath before bed, the heat not only reduces muscle tension but as​ the body cools afterwards it​ makes your heart beat more slowly resulting in​ feeling sleepy.

Lower The Thermostat - at​ night your brain sends signals to​ reduce your body temperature in​ preparation for sleep. if​ you can't lower your body temperature you sleep is​ disturbed. a​ cool 18 degrees C works best. Set your heating low and avoid spicy or​ sugary foods which raise your body temperature.

Humidity - Make sure the air in​ your bedroom is​ not too hot or​ cold as​ neither hold waster well. This means your skins is​ more likely to​ dehydrate and dehydrated skin creases more. if​ the air is​ too dry, consider getting a​ humidifier.

Avoid Too Much Alcohol - if​ possible, reduce your intake all-together. Sleep will be interrupted and you'll become restless as​ your blood alcohol and sugar levels drop which results in​ morning grogginess.

Skin Starbucks - it​ takes six to​ eight hours for caffeine to​ leave the system and up to​ ten hours if​ you're on a​ pill. Ban caffeine after 4pm and remember that a​ cup of​ tea or​ 50g of​ dark chocolate both contain nearly as​ much caffeine as​ an​ esperesso.

Soporific Scents - Camomile and lavender are the most commonly known relaxing essential oils but basil, mandarin, neroli, rose, sandalwood and ylang-ylang are also fantasic. Add a​ few drops to​ an​ oil burner by your bed to​ help you get a​ good night's sleep.

Avoid Skin Irritation - The key beauty impact of​ a​ good night's sleep is​ repair. The skin must be void of​ make-up and residue btu by using harsh cleansers your skin uses all its energy in​ combating inflammation rather than repairing damage. So be gentle when you apply any face cream before you sleep. a​ good idea is​ to​ spray water on your face before applying night cream.

Start Going to​ Bed Early - Another reason to​ get to​ bed early is​ that applying skincare in​ the early hours reduces its effectiveness. It's important to​ apply products before 1am to​ allow the active ingredients time to​ penetrate properly.

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