How To Get E Mail Spam Banned At Subconscious Level

How To Get E Mail Spam Banned At Subconscious Level

I don’t think I have to​ tell you that spam sucks big time. it​ sucks so much that people hate spam and spammers. People are wasting countless hours deleting spam, writing complaints, tracking down spammers (today it​ is​ a​ completely hopeless thing because spammers are using networks of​ zombie PCs that are not even aware they are used to​ send the spam). I used to​ be a​ “warrior with a​ spam” some time ago, and amount of​ spam I was getting, was growing and growing, no matter what filters I used to​ filter out that junk.

Than I saw a​ movie “The Secret” and it​ all just snapped it. What you resist, persist. I am resisting spammers, I hate them, I fight them, I spend my valuable time trying to​ take them down, and it​ just doesn’t help. I am getting more and more junk mail. But that’s exactly what was explained in​ the movie – Law of​ Attraction does not care whether you want something, or​ you hate something. if​ you concentrate on it, it​ will increase in​ your life. I was manifesting more and more spam in​ my life, myself, just by hating it!

Well, the decision was pretty obvious – stop fighting, let go. Ignore spam. Don’t pull out hair on my legs when I get a​ mailbox flooded. Just delete it, and forget it. Better said then done! The very next time I got my box flooded with junk I jumped up again and in​ seconds was at​ filing complaints. But hey, that’s exactly what I was trying to​ avoid! But I can not just sit there and meditate “I am cool, I am cool, I don’t care about spam, I don’t care about spam, damn it!” – it​ would not work. I have those automatic reactions and I seem to​ be reacting that particular way no matter how hard I try not to…

Hopeless situation? Not exactly. There are ways to​ actually deprogram automatic subconscious reactions. Remove emotional roots from them, and render them harmless. One is​ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig), and another is​ BSFF (Be Set Free Fast by Larry Nims) – you can read more about them on my site. I used both of​ them. First, with EFT I removed an​ immediate instinct to​ jump up and kill someone each time I received a​ junk mail. I think 15 minutes of​ EFT tapping was enough to​ get rid of​ the intensity. Then I took a​ piece of​ paper and wrote:

I hate spammers

It was the name of​ the whole problem that I intended to​ treat with BSFF. BSFF works deep with emotional roots of​ discomfort, and that’s exactly what I was about to​ do. So, I took this problem (“I hate spammers”) and broke it​ down to​ smaller aspects:

I hate when I get this penis enlargement stuff
I hate replica watches
I hate small caps
I hate when I have to​ waste my time to​ try tracking them down
I hate spending my time at​
I hate casinos
I hate when my spam filters eat important mail
I hate spammers
I wish I could do something to​ them physically

I was writing it​ down until it​ finished coming out. at​ the end, I got a​ neat page full of​ negative stuff. Then, I simply treated each statement with a​ cue word from BSFF protocol and voila – my subconscious sorted it​ out and removed all emotional roots from the problems. When changes integrated (it took 2 days for rewiring in​ my brain to​ start to​ take effects) I simply stopped caring about spam. I still got it​ but I don’t jump up every time, I don’t go to​ spamcop, I don’t complain anymore. I just delete it. And go back to​ work. No more hatred, no more stomach ulcers, no more family dramas because of​ spam overload at​ work. I just don’t give a​ damn.

And now the funny part. Once I removed automatic emotional response and started to​ visualize my mailbox clean and neat, the amount of​ spam reduced dramatically, in​ a​ full accordance with Law of​ Attraction…

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