How To Get Better Fuel Economy

How To Get Better Fuel Economy

Poor fuel economy can put a​ costly damper on any summer vacation taken in​ the​ family vehicle. But there are a​ few simple things you can do to​ enhance your fuel economy no matter what type of​ vehicle you drive, which means you'll buy less gas and​ have more money to​ enjoy the​ summer.

Let's go through a​ few ideas that are proven to​ improve your fuel economy.

Get the​ junk out of​ the​ trunk. I own an​ auto-repair facility, and​ you'd be amazed at​ the​ amount of​ stuff I find in​ trunks of​ cars these days. I've seen junk in​ the​ trunk of​ cars equivalent to​ a​ full-size man. Why haul the​ dead weight? Remove unnecessary winter supplies such as​ bags of​ salt and​ tire chains from the​ trunk of​ your vehicle. Get that bag of​ old newspapers to​ the​ recycling bin. Your vehicle will require less energy to​ move without the​ dead weight. So ask yourself if​ you really need to​ be transporting around that card table, set of​ golf clubs or​ storage container, and​ unload any unnecessary items from your trunk.

Keep air in​ your tires. Remember what it​ was like riding your bike as​ a​ child with half-flat tires? it​ was hard to​ get the​ bike moving. Once you inflated the​ tires, your bike was like a​ new sports car; it​ went faster with far less effort. Your car feels the​ same pain when the​ tires are at, say, 28 psi instead of​ the​ recommended 35 psi. (Just to​ be clear: Not every tire should be inflated to​ 35 psi. Look for​ the​ recommended psi rating on a​ label on your driver's door or​ in​ the​ glove box.)

Use the​ right motor oil for​ your vehicle. I can't overstate the​ importance of​ using good motor oil. to​ illustrate what I mean, try a​ little exercise. Take your hands and​ place them together with palms touching. Then rub the​ palms against each other quickly. Feel that warmth generated by friction? That's exactly what is​ happening inside your engine. if​ you rubbed your hands together like that for​ an​ hour, you'd probably do some damage to​ your hands (which means you can stop rubbing your palms together now). and​ you'd also have to​ work much harder to​ rub your hands together.

Now you know why motor oil is​ so important to​ the​ efficient performance of​ your engine. if​ you put motor oil between those two sliding surfaces, a​ lot of​ that friction goes away, and​ the​ engine doesn't have to​ work as​ hard. as​ a​ result, your engine is​ more fuel efficient.

But not every motor oil is​ created equal. Some last longer than others. While certain motor oils may lose their effectiveness after a​ few thousand miles, others are designed to​ last for​ a​ very long time. ExxonMobil makes an​ oil, Mobil 1 Extended Performance, that is​ actually guaranteed to​ protect and​ perform for​ up to​ 15,000 miles.

Keep your vehicle clean. Believe it​ or​ not, that layer of​ dirt on your exterior creates drag that, over long distances, hurts your miles-per-gallon count. Keeping your vehicle washed and​ waxed will improve your vehicle's aerodynamics, improving your fuel economy. and​ you'll feel good about driving around in​ a​ clean vehicle.

Consider the​ best option for​ ventilation. Conventional wisdom says that cars are always more fuel-efficient when the​ air conditioner is​ off. On long trips or​ highway driving, however, using the​ air conditioner is​ actually more fuel efficient than rolling down the​ windows. When driving fast, open windows create a​ drag that forces the​ engine to​ work harder to​ maintain speed. if​ you're driving on short trips or​ in​ city traffic, roll down the​ windows and​ enjoy the​ breeze, but on the​ highway, turn on the​ air.

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